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Numerous palaeontologists to date contend that Asteroid/comet and earth collision contributed immensely to the dinosaurs’ extinction besides other life forms. Dinosaurs comprised the greatest and fearsome reptiles that existed on the planet approximately 65 Million years ago…
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Short Biology Questions
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Short Biology Questions List 2 events that occurred 65 million years ago and their effect on the history of life on earth.
a. Asteroid or comet and earth collision
Numerous palaeontologists to date contend that Asteroid/comet and earth collision contributed immensely to the dinosaurs’ extinction besides other life forms. Dinosaurs comprised the greatest and fearsome reptiles that existed on the planet approximately 65 Million years ago (Benton 64). Conversely, due to the intense dust that emanated from the Asteroid and planet’s collision, their existence came to a halt. Since, the deposited dust into the atmosphere blocked the sunlight from reaching the planet’s surface (Benton 64). Consequently, affecting both the animal and plant life due to a prolonged duration, this yielded to the lack of their necessary food. Studies also contend that, heavy asteroid stones broke dinosaurs’ backs besides other animals rendering them lame and unable to survive. Presently, palaeontologists refer to this collision as Asteroid Theory owing to its significant impact that yielded to an immense destruction of both the animal and plant life. This contributed to the evolution of other competitive life forms that could cope effectively with the altered environment, hence Charles Darwin’s argument “struggle for survival”.
b. Volcanic activity
Scientists contended that the rampant volcanic eruptions evidenced 65 Million years ago prompted to the extinction of plant and animal life. Primarily, this was evident in Mexican and Indian regions where the lava produced covered numerous plants prior leading its way into the sea to destroy dinosaurs’ inhabitance (Benton 64). In addition, volcanic eruptions deposited obnoxious gasses into the atmosphere where thick dust hindered sunlight from reaching the planet’s surface for photosynthesis purposes. This action deprived other life forms especially the animals their necessary food, which led to their mass demise and evolution of other animals that could endure the then harsh conditions.
2. Follow the evolution of 1 body system through several phyla.
Body Cavities
The body cavities’ evolution bears an intriguing history in the kingdom of animalia due to constant altering surroundings where the animals had to adapt effectively to survive. Acoelomates phyla possess a secondary body cavity but it is comprised of either circulatory or digestive functions. In some instances, these phyla possess body civilities comprising both the digestive and circulatory functions instead of bearing a single type (Benton 64). Pseudocoelomates have developed body cavities but their characteristics are far from the true secondary cavity or coelom. Mainly, Worm-like life forms usually characterize these phyla.
Eucoelomates mainly bear true coelom owing to their intricate body structures essential for the animal to adapt and even thrive in the surroundings in which it inhabits. Coelom can be a single cavity or subdivided into various sections but mostly depends on an animal’s structures. For illustration, in humans the coelom bears three cavities bearing diverse protection functions. These include pericardial cavity that protects the heart, pleural cavity containing the lungs and peritoneal cavity holding the digestive systems.
3. Compare and contrast nutrition in plants and animals.
Plants normally synthesize their own nutrition via the photosynthesis process with the aid of light energy and chlorophyll in their leaves. The process entails conversion of CO2 together with H2O into glucose and oxygen where the latter two products usually constitute the key plant’s nutrition (Benton 64). Conversely, animal’s nutrition comprises breaking down of big molecules into minute absorbable components that are acceptable into the body. Primarily, these large molecules mainly emanate from the plants or other animals but significantly vary with their eating habits.
Animals’ nutrition products especially in human encompasses conversion of various components that are essential in the body. For illustration, proteins, carbohydrates, fats into Amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids or glycerol respectively. Hence, both the animals and plants the respective nutrition required in their body structures has to undergo intricate processes to make them be acceptable in their bodies or be in acceptable states. Besides, their respective features/organs also differ where the plants normally all its food making process takes place in the leaves whereas that of animals starts at the mouth all through to the rectum (Benton 64).
Work Cited
Benton, Michael J. "Mass Extinctions." New Scientist Archive 209.2802 (2011): 64. Web. 9 Aug. 2012. Read More
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