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DNA Sequence Analysis - Coursework Example

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However for our case the primers to be selected are generated online. The next step involves the insertion of the pUC18 with the appropriate restriction enzymes. This…
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DNA Sequence Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Open reading frames (ORFs) shall be selected from he solution of suggested on the web based platform. Before then the linear DNA sequence is checked and the first graph shows us the location of restriction enzymes and their point of action. What follows is the choice of primers that would match the segment of DNA sequence chosen for this case wasEL784663 from our observation the following primers would be the most appropriate:-
At a temperature of between 50-65oC, the pUC18 plasmid vector is digested by any of the restriction enzymes found at the multiple cloning sites (MCS) to make a single cut in the plasmid. This shall make the otherwise circular dsDNA module to become linear which will enhance its ability to coalesce with the DNA sequence that has been cut with the same restriction enzymes.
The ORFs are then cloned in the amplified into the pUC18 to ensure that the DNA is transformed into chemically competent E. coli. During cloning EcoRI (5... GA A T TC ... 3) site was preferred because it matches both the MCS restriction enzymes and the restriction enzymes of the linear graph of the DNA sequence chosen. However it is not in the sequence it is just outside the chosen sequence. This means that the selected primers require additional bases so that the EcoRI cuts the two sites at the same time during the Polymerase Chain Reaction.
The protein has several biological functions and of importance is for example in biological folding, regulation of transcription, DNA binding, heat shock protein binding. The protein is usually in existence during the transcription stage of DNA sequencing and polymerase chain reaction.
In protein folding process it’s where functional shapes of proteins are shaped from the constituent polypeptides. It involves the use of both covalent and non covalent bonds are made to coalesce in the required shape. This protein is in the DNA and is usually instrumental in this kind of process (Kieleczawa, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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DNA Sequence Analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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