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Discuss the differences between PCR and QPCR. If you were designing an experiment to study gene expression describe the main steps you would use. What would - Essay Example

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For instance, it has been utilized for multiple purposes – to quantify mRNA levels (RT-PCR); produce DNA fragments for the purposes of cloning and subcloning; label and identify…
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Discuss the differences between PCR and QPCR. If you were designing an experiment to study gene expression describe the main steps you would use. What would
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Extract of sample "Discuss the differences between PCR and QPCR. If you were designing an experiment to study gene expression describe the main steps you would use. What would"

Download file to see previous pages Real-time chemistries permit the detection of PR amplification early on. Quantification of the kinetics of the reaction at its onset defines the distinguished advantage of QPCR over traditional PCR. Moreover, these conventional methods utilize Aragose gels for detection of PCR amplification at the final stage of the PCR reaction (Dharmaraj, S. 2005; Kawamoto, S., Tadashi, O., Kita, H., Chisaka,O., & Okubo, K. 1999).
End-point PCR has several constraints; for one, aragose gel results are obtained at the end of the reaction, which may prove to be very tedious and time-consuming. Results may not be available until after several days. One other advantage of QPCR is its capacity to capture even the slightest differences in the variable sample yields, which may not be as accurately measured through conventional aragose gels. It may also prove to be more difficult because of the very poor resolution of aragose gel, estimated to be about 10-fold (Dharmaraj, S. 2005). In contrast, QPCR is sensitive enough to detect a two-fold change. In summary, the following are the marked disadvantages on the use of traditional PCR: poor precision, low sensitivity, short dynamic range ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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