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jejuni and C. coli isolates from chicken were selected for the study. The characteristics of the isolates used are summarized in Table 1. Of 31 Campylobacter isolates from chicken (C. jejuni 21, C. coli n 10) and all isolates were collected during…
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Virulence of campylobacter coli /result,figure and discussion
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Download file to see previous pages The presence of C. jejuni was found to be the highest in the chicken samples with 67.74% the 31 samples. The isolation rate of C. coli was determined to be very low compared to that of C. jejuni and difference between the isolation rates of both agents in chicken samples were very significant.
Regularly Campylobacter species are Gram negative, normally bended or "S" molded bars ("gull wings"), in spite of the fact that appearance may shift. Utilize 10% carbol fuchsin as a counter stain. Retail chicken parcels were acquired from a general store chose focused around diverse item standardized identification and handling unit numbers to give a cross area of examples from makers. The allotments were from six separate makers. Swabs plunged in Maximum Recovery Diluent (Oxoid code Cm733; Basingstoke were utilized to wipe a 10-cm2 range of chicken skin, and these were then used to immunize plates of altered Cefoperazone Charcoal Deoxycholate Agar particular medium (Oxoid code Cm739; specific supplement code Sr155). The plates were then hatched at 37°c for 24 h in microaerobic conditions (5% O2, 5% H2, 10% Co2, 80% N2) before being inspected for common Campylobacter states. Settlements were analyzed by Gram stain and wet mount for common Campylobacter morphology and motility, separately. In the wake of subculturing the disconnects on Columbia Blood Agar plates (Oxoid code Cm331), oxidase, catalase, and hippurate tests were requested further affirmation and speciation as demonstrated in the figure 1.1
Figure1.2 Representation of DNA products (Lane M. molecular marker DNA ladder 100 bp samples 1-10) from PCR using C. coli (col) primer. In addition, an indication of positive and negative Campylobacter species from 8 chickens control containing genomic DNA of C.coli and free nuclease water instead of genomic DNA respectively.
From figure 1.2, chicken samples were treated with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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