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The hope for future cure is heavily being hedged on biotechnological advancements. There are students such as I who have a keen interest in…
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Application for UNSW Golden Jubilee Scholarship
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Illnesses that cannot be cured by chemical medications are rapidly accumulating and debilitating illnesses continue to hound mankind. The hope for future cure is heavily being hedged on biotechnological advancements. There are students such as I who have a keen interest in pursuing this highly expensive line of education even if I have to get a scholarship to do so.
Im the perfect Biotechnology student. I already have knowledge of the biochemical basis of disease, infectious disease, and immunology. I have a keen interest in studying the biochemical make up of the HIV virus in order to understand how it actually enters the host body and ravages the immune system. I wish to be able to develop vaccine that can be taken by healthy people in order to prevent the entry of the HIV virus into their system. A scholarship is the only way that I will be able to kick start my scientific career quest.
With a little bit of luck, I will become one of the lucky recipients of the Golden Jubilee Scholarship and be given a rare opportunity to dive head first into the world of Biotechnology. As an actively participating student of UNSW, each moment that I am on campus shall be spent in preparation for my future career. I shall spend as much time as possible learning from the available mentors and presenting my ideas for the HIV vaccine to other students and faculty members who may be able to help me get a head start in the development process. Perhaps I will get a grant that will allow me to do scientific studies of the HIV virus and its mutations in an effort to help curb the spread of the virus. I will continuously involve my schoolmates who share the same interest and passion for biotechnology as I do. Hopefully, we will be able to organize ourselves into the pioneer group that shall concentrate on the vaccine development, thus catapulting UNSW to the forefront of HIV research and development.
I am looking forward to enrolling at UNSW so that I can expand upon my existing knowledge of biological and industrial processes involved in the biotechnological area. Upon graduation, I hope to see my name become synonymous with breakthrough biotechnological advancements and treatments of various illnesses. I am serious about my ambitions and goals. I hope that the Golden Jubilee Scholarship will do just that. Read More
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