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Adult leopard frog dissection - Essay Example

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As an external structure of leopard frogs consist of spots/lines on their skin. Their skin is shiney and slimy to touch. These spots/lines are different in color on the green or brown skin. These are going to be a broad as near from each eye to the groin. Males leopard contain two vocal sacs on their body…
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Adult leopard frog dissection
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Extract of sample "Adult leopard frog dissection"

Download file to see previous pages As an external structure of leopard frogs consist of spots/lines on their skin. Their skin is shiney and slimy to touch. These spots/lines are different in color on the green or brown skin. These are going to be a broad as near from each eye to the groin. Males leopard contain two vocal sacs on their body. These help them to attract the female and spread the threat to others. In adult leopard limits in size is vary from 2inches to 5 inches in length, where as female usually bigger then male. They usually do active at night time. These are related to other water animals who take breath from their skin like fishes and other water animals.Amphibians are the animals that live their life in both water and land. There are more then 4000 amphibians and they all are divided into three main groups' frogs, salamanders and caecilians. Frogs are more the 3750 species. Frogs have straight skin and long limbs. These are different from salamanders that have long tail at the end of their body. Frogs have no tail because they have to jump. Caecilians that are in very less amount have no limbs such like earth warm. These species most of time live underground.The external anatomy of amphibians is similar to vertebrates. Amphibians are found in many places like grasslands, rain forests, alpine areas or in deserts. Most of them live in fresh water like ponds, steams or other wet environment that is best for their reproduction. Amphibian body structure is as such that they can easily move about on land as well as water. Frogs have longer and powerful hind legs. These are stronger then front legs so that these legs help him to jump and swim. It is also seemed that most of amphibians retain their teeth but not all. Amphibians are cold blooded. They are no so hot not so cold. They are fully dependent upon the outside environment temperature. Their body atmosphere depends upon out side temperature.
Frogs can hear through their vocal sacs which are attached to their throat. These vocal sacs also called their voice box. For this they can generate larger range of voice with different variety. Inner structure ear of leopard frog able to get voice from two angles: tympanic-columellar and extra tympanic routes. These can catch the sound between 2 kHz to 300 Hz. Thresholds which controls the voice to in to the two routes are very similar up to 1.0 kHz, above which tympanic transmission is changes from different values, the most efficient by 15-20 dB.
These amphibians' species are very sensitive to external environment. Pollution and dirty environment are going to reduce them. They keep from dry out such frogs have water proof mucus which covers all around its body. This protects the frog to escape from water from the frog's bodies.
The vision is also very critical in frogs. They have bulging large eyes on their head. These eyes are outer most edge of head which help them to protect from danger and search the prey. They help them to view nearly every direction.
The structure of mouth in leopard frog consist of buckle cavity belong with the flexible tongue. Inside the jaw there are strong muscles on both side under the teeth .The frog do not eat the prey but digest it without chewing. The muscles of limps, back and other are structured mostly from back to front so that it can move easily. Leopard frog usually eats earthworm and insects.
Their digestive system contains a mouth, stomach, esophagus and intestine, Intestine open in a chamber which is called cloaca. It digests the food with the help of kidneys then exerts the wasted food through a muscular of cloaca. This is also the point where eggs exit from body. These Leopard frogs and other frogs systems are similar to other species for this they called in a single family of amphibians. These do mate in the seasons of rains because in this season the fertilization is very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Adult Leopard Frog Dissection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Adult Leopard Frog Dissection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Adult Leopard Frog Dissection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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