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Differentiation of Microorganisms - Lab Report Example

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The purpose of the experiments was to comprehend and compare biochemical mechanisms and activities for the purpose of taxonomy. In culture media experiment, its purpose was to describe the function of ingredients in a typical medium of microbial growth…
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Differentiation of Microorganisms
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Extract of sample "Differentiation of Microorganisms"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher tells that in culture media experiment the test included a synthetic medium, tryptic soy broth, SF broth, Macconkey Agar, and nutrient agar. The liquid media like the nutrient broth was used in the reproduction and isolation of organisms. McConkey Agar was a solid medium that examined colony morphology and the isolation of the organisms. Most of the culture media were complex; their chemical composition was unknown. Additionally, the culture media were selective. They selected certain microbe types by supplying the growth conditions. An example of this media was SF medium; it was designed to select Enterococcus faecallis in warm-blooded animals. In Enzymes experiment, the tests included the Caseinase which hydrolyzed casein to peptides to amino acids, gelatinase hydrolyzed gelatin, and  Catalase protected the cells from the hydrogen peroxide. In addition, Oxidase indicated the presence of cytochrome in the microorganisms, during oxidation the compounds turned red or blue. In fermentation experiment, the fermentable compounds were sugar (glucose, sucrose, and lactose). Consequently, an indicator dye was used to change the color from red to a yellow color when the PH is below 7. In motility, experiment flagellum was used a bacterial motility. The experiment used several ways to determine motility i.e. hanging drop and motility agar. In the course of the experiment, if the culture tested is strict aerobe, then growth will occur on the tube surface. The hanging drop slide was used in motility viewing when the oxygen is depleted. In the experiment that dealt with differentiation of enteric bacteria, most bacteria used were facultative anaerobes and anaerobes. The enteric bacteria used here encompassed facultative anaerobic rods, gram negative, and non-spore forming bacteria. The Coliforms were characterized by their fermenting ability. Other tests that were used to identify the enteric bacteria included H2S, KCN, MB agar, TSI agar, SS agar, and MacConkey agar. Discussion The culture media experiment used the following microorganism: Escherichis Coli, Enterococcus faecalis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The two culture media in the experiment were synthetic medium and tryptic Soy Broth. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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