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The worlds scariest virus of all viruses - Research Paper Example

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Viruses are the smallest existing microorganisms which may be made up of either DNA or RNA as their means of storing genetic information. They only survive and replicate inside host cells like those of humans and even animals…
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The worlds scariest virus of all viruses
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Extract of sample "The worlds scariest virus of all viruses"

Download file to see previous pages Viruses are the smallest existing microorganisms which may be made up of either DNA or RNA as their means of storing genetic information. They only survive and replicate inside host cells like those of humans and even animals. This paper is aimed at examining the list of top viruses that have proven deadly in the world today and even in the recent years. It also explains in brief the predisposing factors that favor the survival of these viruses, their effects in human bodies and the general effect of them in the world. Some of the viruses discussed, in order of their deadliness, include the Human Immune-deficiency virus, Ebola virus and the Rotavirus. This listing method may vary from one state to another, depending on epidemiology and environmental conditions of the state. The impact of these viruses on the working economy of the world is also analyzed, given the increasing trend in occurrences of viral diseases. Introduction What would one say or think is the world’s number one killer of human beings today? Would they think its war, automobile accidents, or maybe even cancers? If one were to assume those answers, then that would be completely wrong. This paper the will try to prove that the deadliest things to mankind are viruses. In this paper, the author will list the top three killers of all times, specifically the number one deadly virus known to us as HIV. This paper will go into deep detail of the number one virus and its effects on the human being’s body. ...
The virus is introduced into the human body through various ways, including sexual intercourse, blood transfusion and congenital transmission from mother to child (WHO, 2013). Once the virus has established itself, it survives and thrives killing the mentioned cells, damaging the infected person’s immunity and leaving them more at risk of acquiring infections. Once the virus has destroyed one’s immune system, the person is left vulnerable to secondary infections and other opportunistic diseases. The majority of people infected with HIV develop AIDS at later stages of the virus progression. Once a patient has AIDS, tumors, and a number of infections, which are controlled by the CD4+ T helper cells, begin to manifest. Predisposing Factors There are various predisposing factors for the virus to establish itself in the body and cause a disease. Those at risk of contracting the disease are drug users who use needles to inject themselves, those who have multiple sex partners, and practice unprotected sex. Infants who are born to mothers who are infected by the disease are also at risk of contracting the virus. Once infected, the virus can last for even ten years before the clinical signs appear. This makes it more dangerous as one can continue transmitting the virus to others unknowingly. The clinical presentation of the resultant disease varies, depending on the person’s nutritional status and their immunity, from one person to another. The clinical signs include fever, fatigue, diarrhea, muscle pains, rashes and sores in the body, and headaches among others. To show the presence of the virus in the body, antibodies against the virus, which are produced in case the virus invade the body, are detected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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