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The effect of diffrent Concentrations of Auxin on pinto seed stem ilongation - Research Paper Example

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Names Title Subject Tutor Date The Effect of Different Concentrations of Auxin on Pinto Seed Stem Elongation Abstract Auxins are growth hormones that influence the growth characteristics of plants. This enables plants to react in a certain way to the external environment…
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The effect of diffrent Concentrations of Auxin on pinto seed stem ilongation
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Download file to see previous pages The experiment conducted by students to examine the effects of different concentration of auxin to the growth of pinto beans showed that regardless of the level of auxin used in each experiment, auxin caused retarded growth to pinto bean seeds. Introduction According to Bewley (1057), growth hormones have different effects on plants depending on the nature of the plants, quantity of the hormones used, type of the hormones and the part of the plant in which the hormones are in contact with. This knowledge has enabled those growth hormones or auxin to be used for different purposes in crop husbandry and have enabled plants to react to the external stimuli that would otherwise cause harm to the plant (Lucia,, 153). The student carried out an experiment in order to examine the effect of different auxin concentrations on elongation of the stem of pinto beans. In the experiment, the student selected fifteen beans picked indiscriminately (Thimann, & Lane, 541). The student divided the seeds into three groups of five seeds each and planted each group in a separate pot. The first pot acted as trial experiment and was watered with plain water without any auxin. In the second pot, 500ppm concentration of the auxin was added to the water while in the third pot a different auxin concentration of 500ppm was added to the water used for watering the seed. ...
The outcome observation varies from plant to another and depends on the amount of auxin used in each case. Methods In our Plant Independent Investigation, the experiment was set up by labeling three pots, “tap water”, “500 ppm auxin”, and “5000 ppm auxin”. Each of the pots was filled with the same amount of soil (filled 1 inch to the brim). A total of 15 red kidney beans were randomly selected from the seed packet and 5 seeds were planted on each pot. The seeds were buried in the soil with only the tip exposed. The seeds were labeled 1-5 on a piece of tape wrapping around the exterior of each pot. Each pot was watered with 35 ml of tap water. In addition to the tap water, 5 squirts of the 500 ppm auxin were squirted onto each of the 5 seeds in the pot labeled “500 ppm auxin”. In the pot labeled “5000 ppm auxin”, 5 squirts of 5000 ppm auxin were squirted onto each of the 5 seeds. In the third pot, only tap water was used and no auxin at all. The team members measured stem growth in plants each day for seven days. The height of stem growth was measured for all 15 plants and recorded in the data table. The plants were watered with 35 ml of tap water daily and given their appropriate solution treatment. The plants in the control pot only received the 35 ml of tap water. The plants in the “500 ppm auxin” pot received 35 ml of tap water and 5 drops (per seed) of 500 ppm auxin. The plants in the “5000 ppm auxin” pot received 35 ml of tap water and 5 drops (per seed) of 5000 ppm auxin. For this experiment, a statistical examination was conducted in the form of a t-test (Richard, 63). The t-test compares the growth means of each of the samples to the control (DI water). Therefore, the red kidney bean plants ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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