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Development of an Impact Drop Test Machine - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “Development of an Impact Drop Test Machine” is to examine a broad variety of engineering applications, from devising sports equipment to developing the crashworthiness of automobiles. Impact mechanics is related to the reaction forces that build up during a collision…
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Development of an Impact Drop Test Machine
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"Development of an Impact Drop Test Machine"

Download file to see previous pages Materials are used to construct load bearing structures.  An engineer requires knowing if the material will endure the situation that the structure will see working.  Important features which have an effect on the toughness of a structure consist of extra loading, low test temperatures, in addition to high strain rates due to wind or impacts and the impact of stress concentrations such as notches as well as cracks.  These all have a propensity to support fracture.  Somewhat, the complex interface of these factors can be incorporated in the design procedure by using fracture mechanics theory. In situation where safety is very grave, full scale engineering components may be tested in their worst possible service state. The peak impact force of the test train was larger than that of an Inter-City 125 traveling at 125 mph).  Tests for the impact toughness, for instance the Charpy Impact test, were built up before fracture mechanics hypothesis was available.  The impact test is a technique for assessing the relative toughness of engineering materials.  The Charpy impact test persists to be used these days as an inexpensive quality control method to charge the notch sensitivity as well as impact toughness of engineering materials. It is typically used to test the toughness of metals. Similar tests can be used for ceramics, polymers, as well as composites. Impact EnergyThe impact energy calculated by the Charpy test is the work done to fracture the sampling. On impact, the case deforms elastically until yielding occurs....
Impact Energy
The impact energy calculated by the Charpy test is the work done to fracture the sampling. On impact, the case deforms elastically until yielding occurs, and a plastic zone builds up at the notch. As the test sampling persists to be deformed by the impact, the plastic zone work hardens. This augments the stress as well as strain in the plastic zone until the specimen fractures.
The Charpy impact energy as a result comprises the elastic strain energy, the plastic work done during yielding in addition to the work done to create the fracture surface. The elastic energy is typically not an important fraction of the total energy, which is subjugated by the plastic work. The total impact energy relies on the size of the test sampling, and a standard sampling size is used to permit comparison between diverse materials.
The Ductile to Brittle Transition.
The Charpy impact test is used to conclude the ductile to brittle transition behavior of a metal. It's incredibly significant to realize that the ductile to brittle transition is distinct in terms of the fracture energy. A brittle fracture is a low energy fracture as well as a ductile fracture is a high energy fracture.
Some uncertainty often occurs as we can also use the expressions brittle and ductile to portray fracture mechanisms. Microvoid coalescence is a ductile fracture mechanism as well as cleavage is a brittle fracture mechanism. Nonetheless, it is likely for a low energy brittle fracture to take place by either ductile microvoid coalescence or brittle cleavage. One should at all times be alert of both the toughness as well as the fracture mechanism.
The ductile to brittle transition curve account the impact of temperature on the fracture energy. The impact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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