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Organic Food - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyzes what organic food is and describes organic word which generally denotes the things derived from the nature and mostly the living matter. Presence of carbon or carbon compounds is the pre requirement of any organic compound. …
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Organic Food
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Download file to see previous pages and fertilizers are chemically prepared and most of the compounds used are harmful for the environment..During irrigation, sometimes these compounds mix with the water and reach into the nearby ponds and lakes. The chemicals mix with the fresh water and accelerate the growth of the weeds. When these weeds die, large amount of bacteria start acting on them for their decomposition using ample amount of oxygen present in the water. This results in the death of the aquatic life due to the scarcity of the dissolved oxygen. For instance, an 8,000 square mile ’dead zone’ was created in the Gulf of Mexico killing tons of fishes and other aquatic lives mainly due to fertilizer run-off Not only this, but these chemical compounds are also harmful for the soil. They decrease the fertility of the soil at a much faster rate making it sterile and useless. These fertilizers are also absorbed by the fruits of the plant. These are the same fruit which we buy and eat and consequently get sick. Moreover, also contaminate ground water and make them polluted (Koch, 775). Making our farming methods organic will not only result in production of better quality of food but also add to sustainability and environment friendly processes. It will preserve biodiversity along with increasing soil fertility. An average organic farm provides more natural habitats to the wildlife. The low concentration of pesticide remnants and the hazardous chemicals avoids the killings of the non-harmful insects and flora. Biodiversity balances the predominance of the growing crop by encouraging the diversity of species and genes. A system with the co-existence of varied species yields better quality of crop. Apart from the preservation of biodiversity, production of organic food also improves the soil quality by...
This report stresses that the popularity of organic food is growing dramatically constituting more than 2% of all food sales and sales of organic food in united states surpassed $13.8 billion in 2005. Consumers going for organic food may do so for a number of reasons including the perceived benefits to the environment, welfare of the animals, safety of the workers and the perception that organic food are safer and more nutritious. This also indicates the greater health concerns of the public. By the way, while producing organic food, the farmer allows the fruit to ripe according to their natural time without manipulating it which might lead to small production compared to the large commercial farming.
This paper makes a conclusion that even though organic food has many advantages over the conventional ones, still we cannot really say that which food system is better. Organic food uses no chemicals. However, it is not completely pesticide free. This is mainly due to many factors beyond the control of the farmers. For example pesticide drifts from adjacent fields or soil irrigation water and contamination. Also the data available does not allow for a comparison between export and domestic sales. Non certified organic food is difficult to survey in practice. Even though a lot has already been done in this field, still a lot remains to achieve especially in developing countries. New methods and ideas are needed in the market so that organic food can reach even to the poor. After all everyone has the right to be healthy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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