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Different Views on Organic Food - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This research paper highlights that organic food industries thrive because of the perception that organic foods are safer and healthier than conventional foods. Consumers believe that organic foods have fewer poisonous chemicals and higher nutritional value. …
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Different Views on Organic Food
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Download file to see previous pages The department of agriculture in the US wanted to accept genetically engineered sugar seeds to be sold to farmers. There was the assertion that this decision will increase the risk of organic food being contaminated by genetically engineered materials. This has prompted a proposal to guard organic foods against genetically engineered seeds. Some people argued that genetically engineered foods do not co-exist with organic foods because these two methods of farming do not relate. However, it has been argued that genetically engineered foods contaminate organic foods through transfer of genetic materials via pollen grains, which in turn threaten organic foods.
It is unclear to determine the health benefits of organic foods because they are believed to contain microbial bacteria that is found in organic fertilizer. These bacteria are risky to the health of a person. However, organic foods are not more contaminated like conventional foods because the use of synthetic fertilizers in conventional foods is very risky in that these fertilizers contain dangerous chemicals like phosphorous that affect human metabolism. As Dena et al argue, organic foods are safer and healthier than conventional foods since they contain more nutrients and are chemical free. Further, Dena et al state that eating organic foods may decrease exposure to herbicide residues and pesticides resistant bacteria. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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