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Darwinism vs creationism - Research Paper Example

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Darwinism vs. creationism Name: Institution: Darwinism vs. creationism The creation –evolution controversy, also termed the origins debate is a persistent political, theological and cultural dispute regarding the origins of life, humanity, the Earth and the universe…
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Darwinism vs creationism
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Extract of sample "Darwinism vs creationism"

Download file to see previous pages Darwinism focuses primarily on science and is explained through scientific methodology (Witham, 2002). Additionally, biological evolution focuses intently on changes existent in living organisms during their life span. The biological theory explains comprehensively that living organisms share common ancestry and in the fullness of time, evolutionary alterations result in the development of new species. On the other hand, the creationism theory focuses primarily on the notions of creation science. The theory derives from the conviction of a vast majority of Abrahemic religions, which poise that God created the universe, which includes humans and all living organisms all at the same time in the fairly the recent past. This paper will contrast Darwinism and creationism, appreciating both theories’ most prominent assumptions as they relate to the origin of life. Creationists argue that all living beings started out as diverse and individual organisms when God created them. Creationism also does not hold the opinion that organisms alter into complete distinct and different animals via evolution. For instance, creationists do not accept as true the idea that single-celled organisms evolved into extremely complex plants and animals, with man eventually evolving into Homo sapiens. Notably, while creationism is not necessarily a scientific theory, creationists continually make use of scientific evidence in order to support their basic argument that it is impossible to prove Darwinism scientifically since Darwinism goes contrary to creationism (Witham, 2002). In addition to condemning evolution, creationists also seek scientific evidence of their own in order to buttress the creation description in Genesis. However, this is highly problematic since it means that creationists cross the bounds between science and religion by attempting to entangle the two origins. This is an extremely ineffective pairing since religion has no proof-giving capacity but science does. Scientists are presently doing the same. Initially, scientists remained in their own realm regarding the origin of life. However, even after arguing that the evolution theory can be proven, scientists are still going contrary to the Bible in order to affirm that the Bible provides a false account. This means that scientists who abide by the Darwinism theory are also crossing the bounds to argue against creationism. Creation science, which affirms the belief that God created the universe, as well as creatures found in it, is essentially not a science since creation by God or other divine beings do not provide concrete scientific rationalizations regarding the origin of life (Witham, 2002). Instead, the creationism theory is an explanation consistent with religious beliefs that an intelligent creator (God) exists and created the entire universe. Creationists attempt to assert this concept, as well as other Biblical stories, by appraising them on scientific grounds. For example, geologists attempted to explain all the universe’s geological features with regard to Noah’s flood. To date, no other book apart from the Bible has had more momentous effects on the Western world than the Origins of Species by Charles Darwin. Darwin is renowned for his theories of natural selection and evolution that are presently known as Darwinism. At the moment, evolution is referred to as the alteration of simple forms of life to higher ones as theorized by Darwin (Morris, 1974). Darwin utilized the term evolution for the first time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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