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Darwinism versus Creationism - Research Paper Example

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Darwinism versus Creationism Name: Institution Abstract According to Darwinism, variations and influence of the surrounding environment leads to emergency of new species. Charles Darwin theory on evolution which was published in 1859 asserts that the competition for limited resources and the relative ability of the species to adapt to new environment determines the emergency of new species…
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Darwinism versus Creationism
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"Darwinism versus Creationism"

Download file to see previous pages Darwinism versus Creationism Introduction The significant difference between Darwinism and Creationism is that Darwinism is based on data while Creationism is based on human belief (Scott, 2005). Darwinism is a theory of the original perpetuation of new species of plants and animals which offspring from a certain organism. According to Darwinism, natural selection favors the survival of some species which makes new species arise with time forming divergent variety and groups of plants and animals (Scott, 2005). Darwinism is based on the concept of biological evolution whereby DNA strands cause differences in plants such as color and height of plants and animals (Young & Largent, 2007). On the other hand, Creationism is a doctrine which holds that the world and various forms of life were created by God out of nothing (Scott, 2005). Unlike Darwinism, creationism is not a scientific theory but is based on religious beliefs and doctrines. Charles Darwin theory of origin of species that was published in 1859 demonstrated that organisms produce offspring that is capable of living and that variations occur in every species population (Young & Largent, 2007). ...
Darwinism theory is based on the idea that species change over time and space. Populations in different geographical areas will differ in behavior and physical make up like the fossil deposits (Young & Largent, 2007). According to Darwinism, all species share a common ancestor like human beings share a common ancestor with Chimpanzees some eight million years ago and with Kangaroos some one hundred million years ago (Witham, 2005). According to natural selection process which forms the basis of Darwinism, organisms will exhibit variations in their behavior and physical appearance like voice variations and facial marks. Such traits are passed from the ancestor to offspring but some traits may be influenced by the environmental conditions (Witham, 2005). A trait must pass an advantage to the offspring in order to survive during the struggle for limited resources. The gradual change of the population takes many years like 100,000 rather than creation of new species which is the creationism belief. Darwinism theory is evident since industrial melanism phenomenon which was experienced during industrial revolution caused tree trunks to darken while light colored moths diminished while black colored moths became abundant. The organisms also transfer genetics to the offspring. Due to competition for the limited resources, the organisms with advantageous traits will survive the competition and continue reproduction. Darwinism theory has been proved by the DNA evidence since parents pass some genes to the offspring (Scott, 2005). On the other hand, Creationism asserts that natural selection doctrine by Darwinism has not been proved scientifically. According ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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