Darwin and Social Darwinism - Essay Example

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Despite of a widespread perception that it was Darwin who presented the notion that life on the planet is characterized by a process of evolution; the identified concept has been a source of analysis and assessment as early as the times of Aristotle (Schlinger and Poling 75)…
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Darwin and Social Darwinism
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Download file to see previous pages Owing to the general environment and direction of knowledge in the era, Lamarck’s theoretical perspective surfaced as a dominant conjectural framework on the matter during the timeframe.
Lamarck’s comprehension of life forms suggested that the species’ desire to adapt perfectly and successfully into the environment prompted the utilization of their body parts in a certain manner which would eventually impact their overall structures, depending upon how the body parts were used (Schlinger and Poling 75). The crux of this comprehension postulates that these structural changes are such that they can be transported to the progeny of the species as per Lamarck’s argument. This theoretical model which is termed as the inheritance of acquired characteristics establishes the foundation for that a need for adapting within the wider context of the environment aided the species’ journey towards perfection where a point of perfection was eventually attained and the transformation of life forms ceased to exist at that stage (Schlinger and Poling 75). However, the weakness of Lamarck’s suggestions lies in a lack or even scarcity of evidence which should be presented so that his findings can be marked with the stamp of validity. Indeed even regular observations of individuals and their offspring can shed light on the fact that the physical traits of an athlete cannot be passed upon to his/her child in the form of agility and dexterity if the offspring does not expend similar effort to attain the desired outcomes. Schlinger and Poling understand that Darwin’s theoretical premise was developed as a consequence his journey on H.M.S Beagle which allowed him to explore the vastness of life forms and creations that had previously remained unexplored (76). Thus, a strong point of disagreement between Darwin’s theory of natural selection and Lamarck’s stance on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Darwin and Social Darwinism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1641523-darwin-and-social-darwinism.
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