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Describe the importance of angiogenesis for the development and treatment of cancer - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date The Importance of Angiogenesis for the Development and Treatment of Cancer Abstract The current growth in the vascular set of connections is important because the proliferation, as well as metastatic multiplication, of cancer cells relies on a sufficient delivery of oxygen and the nutrients and the elimination of waste products (Carmeliet and Jain 249)…
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Describe the importance of angiogenesis for the development and treatment of cancer
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Extract of sample "Describe the importance of angiogenesis for the development and treatment of cancer"

Download file to see previous pages More than a dozen dissimilar proteins have been recognized as angiogenic activators and inhibitors as well. The extent of appearance of angiogenic factors reveals the forcefulness of tumor cells fostering the cancer. The detection of angiogenic inhibitors should assist in lowering both morbidity and possible mortality resulting from carcinomas. A significant number of patients have obtained antiangiogenic therapy up to this moment. In spite of their speculative effectiveness, antiangiogeic treatments have not demonstrated advantageous in terms of long-term survival of patient and the mitigation of the carcinoma (Kerbel 2040). There is an imperative necessity for a new all-inclusive treatment approach merging antiangiogenic agents with conservative cytoreductive treatment in the regulation of cancer that poses as worldwide menace. Keywords: Angiogenesis, Prognosis, Immunohistochemistry Introduction Cancer is capable of spreading to bordering or distant organs and the organ systems, which renders it a potential threat to life. The tumor cells can go through blood or lymphatic vessels. Additionally, they can then circulate through the intravascular stream, and then propagate at another site: metastasis. The development of the vascular network is imperative for the metastatic multiplication of cancer tissue. The processes in which new blood and lymphatic vessels result are referred to as angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis, in that order (Shih, Lindley and Bevacizumab 1801). In this case both processes have a fundamental function in the generation of a new vascular net to supply nutrients, oxygen and immune cells into the system, as well as facilitating the elimination of waste products. The angiogenic and lymphangiogenic determinants are gradually more receiving consideration, particularly in the area dealing with neoplastic vascularisation (Gotink and Verheul 12). As per the above explanations, this exercise intends to describe the importance of angiogenesis for the development and treatment of cancer. The description of the essence of the angiogenesis targets the provision of a comprehensive approach on the connection of the angiogenesis with cancer (Siemann 68). Therefore, it is logical to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the angiogenesis. Through this, it would be easier to understand the principles behind the operation and hence its exact means of development and cancer treatment by angiogenesis (Achen 550). Angiogenesis in Cancer Angiogenesis incorporate the formation of new blood vessels in a particular body tissue, tissues or organs (Nishida et al 213). The angiogenesis process entails the migration of endothelial cells, their growth and differentiation into tissues or specialized cells (Andre et al 178). The angiogenesis process is regulated by the bodily chemical signals (Cook p 232). The signals can foster both the repair of the deformed or damaged blood vessels and the creation of new blood vessels (Amioka et al. 416). The chemical inhibitors are also chemical signals that intervene during the angiogenesis process and hence the formation of the blood vessels. Under the normal functionality of the body systems, the chemical signals are controlled so that the blood vessels are only formed at the required parts of the body organs (Boocock Charnock and Sharkey 512). Cancer only endangers life through the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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