The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth - Research Paper Example

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Hannah Gant Paola Barriga Sec-1916 The Effect of Fertilizer on Plant Growth Introduction This paper seeks to analyze the effects of fertilizer on plant growth. Fertilizer adds nutrients and texture to soil that is a need to provide proper nutrients for plants…
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The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth
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Download file to see previous pages “A recent assessment found that about 40 to 60% of crop yields are attributable to commercial fertilizer use” (Coleman, Fuenta, and Mock 1978). There are many types of fertilizer out there today for the aid of plant growth. There are many ways to categorize types of fertilizers; they can be classified as either organic or inorganic. It can also be defined as a solid or a liquid fertilizer, along with different ingredients that produce different actions. “Organic fertilizer is all natural and includes things such as bat guano, compost, peat moss, wood ash and manure. These are general soil amendments. They don't burn or harm plants, and they can have long-term positive effects on the soil without damaging groundwater. Organic fertilizer, however, generally has lower nutrient concentrations than inorganic fertilizers” (Broschat and Moore 2003). Whereas inorganic fertilizer can be classified with the characteristics of. “Man-made and typically comes as a powder, pellets, granules or a liquid. Other chemicals that might be included in inorganic fertilizers include calcium, sulfur, iron, zinc and magnesium” (Broschat and Moore 2003). Research Questions 1. What are the specific effects of fertilizer on plant growth? 2. ...
Methods Soil was mixed using a 1:1:1 ratio of pet moss, vermiculite, and potting soil. One scoop of the soil was collected and misted with water until it was moist. Four potting trays with six cells each were gathered. The cells were filled half way with the moist soil. Five osmocote pellets were added to each of the cells. The cells were completely filled with the remaining moist soil. A pencil was used to poke three tiny holes in each of the cells. A seed was placed at the top of each hole. The holes were then lightly covered with soil. Each of the cells was labeled one through twelve for the control group and the experimental group. A diamond wick was inserted into each of the cells halfway and was folded over at the bottom. This was to help water enter the cell. Two tubs were filled with water and two pieces of fabric for each tub were soaked and draped over the top of the boxes. Two antiagal tabs were added to each tub of water to prevent algae from growing. One control tray and one experimental tray were placed on each of the tubs. The trays were mixed up so that if something happened to one of the tubs, there would still be a tub that could be examined. The trays were placed under the fluorescent bulbs in the classroom. Plant height, number of leaves, and number of buds were collected each week. Water was added to the tubs weekly as well. Data was analyzed using statistical t-tests. Ethical Considerations Ethics are the moral codes which are followed in a research. These codes are binding and need to be followed irrespective of any circumstance which may surround the research since they give us a remembrance of the researcher’s responsibility towards the people being researched (Chapman and Shaw 2000). The following ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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