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Protein Estimation by Bradford's Method - Lab Report Example

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Protein estimation by Bradford’s method Tutor name November 2, 2012 Abstract Proteins are essential body components and are fundamental to biochemical processes in the body. They for example form the basis of biochemical reactions through enzymes…
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Protein Estimation by Bradfords Method
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Extract of sample "Protein Estimation by Bradford's Method"

Download file to see previous pages This paper applies the Bradford’s method to investigate the relationship between protein concentration and absorbance rate. The study is based on established assumption that observed rate of absorption is proportional to protein concentration and developed relationship between known concentrations and observed absorbance rates can be used to determine unknown concentrations, given their absorbance rates. The study’s data identifies a deviation from the proposed proportionality between concentration and absorbance rates. Significance of this inconsistency is ascertained by analysis of variance that adopts the null hypothesis for lack of significant relationship between concentration and absorbance rates. This is because of the high probability value, 0.056 percent. Application of the proposed regression model confirms the inconsistency by yielding a negative concentration. The paper therefore concludes that the inconsistency with established literature is because of inaccurate experimental results. Protein estimation by Bradford’s method Introduction Proteins are essential components of cells and organs, a factor that forms the basis of their significance in the body as well as the need for their intake in nutrients to meet required levels for a healthy body. Nutritional needs institute the importance of developed knowledge of required protein intake levels, and determination recommended quantities of food supplies that can meet such required levels. Existence of protein in definite concentrations in body fluids also identifies the significance of studying protein concentration in the body, which can be used to determine normalcy or existence diseases to alter equilibrium protein concentrations (Chem, p. 105). There are a number of techniques, such as the Bradford method, which can be used to determine protein concentrations in compounds. The method applies spectroscopy to relate known concentrations to their corresponding absorbance rate. This is because of a linear relationship between concentration of protein in a solution and the ability of that solution to absorb dye (Maud and Foster, p. 164). Visibility of the absorbed dye, which is proportional to the dye’s concentration in the solution, is therefore used to establish a relationship between absorbance readings from the spectroscopy and protein concentration (Ruf, p. 1). The Bradford’s method further assumes that protein concentration is the only determinant of the dye’s absorbance. This means that for any given environmental conditions, similar protein concentrations yield similar absorbance rates (Thermo, p. 1). A linear regression model can therefore be developed and used to determine unknown concentrations, given their corresponding absorption alues. The regression model determines existence of a significant relationship between the known concentrations and the absorbance rates for predictions, and regression coefficient (Ross, p. 131- 134). This study was performed to ascertain existence of a relationship between known protein concentrations and their corresponding absorbance rates. The study aimed at using the established relationship to determine unknown protein concentration, based on its absorbance rate. In order to achieve its objective, the study explored the question, ‘is there a significant relationship between protein concentration and absorbance?’ The study investigated the following set of hypotheses for the research question. H0: There is no significant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Protein Estimation by Bradford'S Method Lab Report.
“Protein Estimation by Bradford'S Method Lab Report”, n.d.
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