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Human Nutrition - Coursework Example

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Human Nutrition Name Institution Question one. Response to part a. A meal constitutes foods from parts of the food pyramid in the right proportions (Hodder, A, 2003). A snack, on the other hand, is a small amount of the food which is not fully fledged meal that serve the purpose of keeping an individual full for a certain short duration of time…
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Human Nutrition Coursework
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Extract of sample "Human Nutrition"

Download file to see previous pages A snack is normally taken in between meals so as to sedate hunger thus maintain an individuals’ energy before taking a meal that is substantial. People with health conditions like diabetes do have meal plans, which have an inclusion of snacks and meals. Response to part b. The interaction between the first four amino acids in chain one and in chain two is the same. However, the last group of six amino acids in chain one and in chain two are different, and that is what brings the different between the two chains. In the first chain, the fourth, and the fifth are all hydrophobic and hence they lie close together clustered together inside the protein chain, attract each other bending the protein chain. On the contrary, the fourth and the fifth amino acids in chain two are hydrophobic and hydropholic. Hence they repel each other pushing the protein chain apart. The last two amino acids of chain 1are both hydropholic hence they attract each other bending the protein chain. However, the last two amino acids of chain two are hydrophobic and hydropholic, hence. Hence they repel each other pushing the protein chain apart. ...
It is hydrophilic, insoluble in organic solvents and water, biodegradable, and chiral. Breaking down of cellulose to glucose requires acids that are concentrated and extremely high temperatures. This is a significant difference with the starch because breaking down of starch to glucose neither needs concentrated acid nor high temperatures. In comparison with starch, cellulose is much more crystalline. This implies that starch goes through a transition from crystalline to amorphous after heating that is above 70degrees Celsius. Response to part d. Given that straw berry Jam has carbohydrates content of 65g it implies that 15g of strawberry would have 15/65 = 0.23g. Also given that bread has a carbohydrate content of 48g, it follows that 100g of bread would have 48/100 = 0.48g Therefore, the total amount of carbohydrate content present in a Jam sandwich would be 0.48 + 0.23 = 0.71g = 2.0grams. Four a four-year old boy energy would be 2 multiplied by 4 kcal multiplied by 4.2kj = 33.6 KJ per gram. Since a 12-year old boy requires 1845kj per day, 33.6kj would be not enough for the boy. Response part e. Vitamin C is contained in milk. In skimmed milk, this nutrient is present in extremely minimum quantities. This is so because skimmed milk is made through the removal of all the cream from milk. This makes it have a reduction of some nutrients like fat and vitamin C. Skimmed milk is therefore, not as healthy as the whole milk. The percentage of vitamin A and C in skimmed milk is approximately ten percent. Adult individuals need less than the RNI values quoted for vitamins so as not to exceed the acceptable intake. Consuming vitamins in excess may lead to diseases like scurvy. Response to Question 2 (a) Food group Recommended percentage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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