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Dietary Analysis Biology 2320: Human Nutrition - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Dietary Analysis Introduction Poor eating habits are believed to be the major risk factor many serious illness including diabetes, cardiovascular complications, heart problems. Most vulnerable individuals include children and the old whose activities are much reduced and the physiological state of their bodies require adequate dieting…
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Dietary Analysis Biology 2320: Human Nutrition
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Download file to see previous pages For example during adolescence teenagers require more of dietary calcium for bone formation while postmenopausal women need dietary iron for the same bone formation (Angelopoulos et al 194). Individual dietary analysis is therefore paramount for healthy growth and development. Understanding ones diet can be achieved through dietary analysis which not only help in tracking the food choices an individual takes but also helps in the tracking of quality of such foods thus individuals can make better choices out from such analysis. According to Walsh & Roy (191), diet is closely related to the overall health of individual hence good nutrition can keep individuals healthier and away from much illness. In this respect, using dietary assessment tools would enable individuals acquire nutritional information necessary for improving diet hence improve the overall health. The objective of this study is to assess and analyze the individual diet through dietary analysis program so as to identify, develop and keep a healthy diet and lifestyle by choosing not only the right foods, but also the right physical activities. This will also reveal the consequences of unhealthy diets coupled with lack of activities and its relation to calorie. Procedure A record of food intakes taken in a day were recorded and kept in a journal including sauces like mayonnaise or ketchup for example that had significant calories. Since Saturday is one of the days that we take different meals, it was included in the three day journal of foods consumed and their quantities. The following measurements were therefore used to measure what was eaten during the three days: 1 cup = 8 oz. = 1/2 pint = 16 Tablespoons (Tbl) = 240 ml, 1 Tbl = 3 teaspoons (tsp) = 15 ml, 1 oz. = 28.35 gms or 3 oz., 100 g = 1/2 cup of most foods and 100 g = 1/2 cup of most food. However there was no inclusion of supplements because they were not being used. Once the food journal was completed, the data was entered into a dietary analysis program, the super tracker found at the website After entering the data, a number of reports were then generated that included; macronutrient distribution (% protein, fat, carbohydrate) or any single nutrient compared to DRI’s. Results The following tables of figures represent results from this study conducted in three days. This results shows food groups, nutrient reports and food targets based on 2600 calorie. These results show averages for the three days which is a representation of the overall eating habit with respect to the nutrients intake and the recommended daily Intake.. Figure 1. Food Groups and Calories Report based on a 2600 Calorie allowance. Food Groups Target Average Eaten Status Grains 9 ounce(s) 10? ounce(s) Over Whole Grains ? 4? ounce(s) 2? ounce(s) Under Refined Grains ? 4? ounce(s) 7? ounce(s) Over Vegetables 3? cup(s) 3 cup(s) Under Dark Green 2? cup(s)/week 1? cup(s) Under Red & Orange 7 cup(s)/week 1? cup(s) Under Beans & Peas 2? cup(s)/week 0 cup(s) Under Starchy 7 cup(s)/week 0 cup(s) Under Other 5? cup(s)/week 0 cup(s) Under Fruits 2 cup(s) 2? cup(s) OK Whole Fruit No Specific Target 1? cup(s) No Specific Target Fruit Juice No Specific Target ? cup(s) No Specific Target Dairy 3 cup(s) 3? cup(s) Over Milk & Yogurt No Specific Target 2? cup(s) No Specif ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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