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Dietary analysis - Essay Example

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The paper is aimed to examine and analyze one’s own diet to be able identify possible excesses or deficiencies in the health on the basis of the standard dietary and nutritional requirement. The analysis of a person’s diet for a particular period of time can be considered…
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Dietary analysis
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Download file to see previous pages To be able to analyze the nutritional needs and status, a three-day tabulation diet was undertaken. The food records for three days are presented in the end on the report (Appendix 1). In addition, the pertinent analysis of the different types of foods that had been eaten is also included along with the different nutritional compositions and information (Appendix 2-4).
A presentation of the personal information related to health and nutrition is important to be able to compare the diet on the standards that were set which is referred to as the Recommended Dietary Intake.
In the analysis of the macronutrients and water content of the food intake for the 3 days that had been studied, there are different observations that can be perceived. For protein, the average of the three values is higher than the RDI. Even the individual protein content values for each day are comparatively higher than the RDI for both males and females. This can be considered still at the optimum level since no upper level of intake had been presented. This is important since it is the major building block of the body (Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing National Health and Medical Research Council, 2005).
In terms of the fats and fatty acids, upon estimation it can be determined that the daily intakes for the 3 days are above the RDI. For that matter, susceptibility to diseases related to fat accumulation can be one of the risks. No set values were given for carbohydrates because it is needed by the body for vital functions. The carbohydrate component of the diet then is useful for the body. The average and individual dietary fibre values are insufficient compared to the RDI. The water and water content in foods are also insufficient on the basis of the values presented by the RDI. Based on the said group then, there is a need to increase the dietary fibre and water intake to be able to achieve the sufficient RDI ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dietary Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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