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Green Nutrition in Australia - the Green Line Organic Direct - Case Study Example

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The paper "Green Nutrition in Australia - the Green Line Organic Direct" explores the relevance of GLOD's communication plan, the positive effects and nutritional contrasts of organic and non-organic foods which were basically fruits and vegetables, the company's placement of recipes and availability of products per season, etc…
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Green Nutrition in Australia - the Green Line Organic Direct
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Extract of sample "Green Nutrition in Australia - the Green Line Organic Direct"

Download file to see previous pages The Working Group who wrote the draft was composed of three representatives from the State Department of Agriculture, three from the Health Department, two from the Department of Education and one from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at a local University. It recommended for the formation of a Food and Nutrition Council to further implement other recommendations basically the formation of bureaucratic bodies. Fisher proposed that groups of environmental interests although well-represented by a large local bureaucracy had been silent and that the document was found to be insufficient for a 1985 and onwards acceptability.  Among others, he noted four major deficiencies such as lack of a systems approach to food and nutrition, lack of consideration of the environmental implications of human nutrition, lack of consideration on the effects of additives and lack of use of the anthropology of food. On consideration of the above, this essay shall try to dissect the relevance of Fisher’s points on the Green Line Organic Direct. The Relevance of Environment in Human Nutrition
In order to facilitate satisfaction of human nutritional needs require environmental factors, both the outer environment or natural resources and the inner, physiological and psychosocial environments (Borgstrom, 1972). A change in the ay of eating was recommended (Fisher, 1986) with the justification that per capita nutrition provided from plant crops requires less from the environment in comparison with animal crops as off-farm processing pf raw foodstuffs include transport, packaging and retailing procedures that extract much from the environment. Aside from that, Fisher argued that greater effort is exerted on handling, preparing, preserving animal foodstuffs with consideration for hidden costs on legislation and policing of standards. In addition, disposal of leftovers and cleaning after preparation of meat-based meals are more difficult and intensive and produces more pollutants.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Green Nutrition in Australia - the Green Line Organic Direct Case Study.
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