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Healthy Human Nutrition Promotion: A Personal Take - Essay Example

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The writer of the following essay would provide a summary and analysis of personally recorded nutrition intake in accordance with the recommended nutrition policy. The writer would argue the idea of consumtion the recommended servings despite the desire to enjoy the food…
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Healthy Human Nutrition Promotion: A Personal Take
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Download file to see previous pages I believe that if one overeats, then the stomach can be stretched which leads to constant hunger. This was the reason I cut back on my caloric intake yesterday. Of course, when calories are decreased the nutritional intake also goes down unless the foods consumed are very dense in vitamins and minerals. I knew that my calcium intake would be lower than recommended as that is one weakness. I do not particularly like milk products especially not milk. However, I do like the flavor of various cheeses and yogurts so there is no excuse for my low intake of calcium.
As with most people my daily intake of grains, or carbohydrates, is higher than recommended and I normally try to eat whole grains such as whole wheat, pumpernickel, and multigrain bread. However, yesterday morning all I had was regular pancake mix which I used to make the Belgium waffle. With a tinge of guilt over the knowledge that white processed flour offers nothing but
calories and no nutritional value, I proceeded with the creation and consumption of meat and beans in order to get the protein, iron, amino acids, and other nutrients that this category (and other categories) offers my body for optimum health and function. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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