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Level program of health promotion offered in the Queens University - Personal Statement Example

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The main reason to write this personal statement is to get enrolled in the graduate level program of health promotion being offered by the Queen’s University ( 1). I am a hardworking individual who is self motivated and plans to continue with higher level education…
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Level program of health promotion offered in the Queens University
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Extract of sample "Level program of health promotion offered in the Queens University"

Personal ment The main reason to write this personal ment is to get enrolled in the graduate level program of health promotion being offered by the Queen’s University ( 1). I am a hardworking individual who is self motivated and plans to continue with higher level education. I have an external scholarship which will assist me in not only studying in Canada; it will even prove to be assistive to me in my livelihood in Canada. Before applying with the Queen’s University I was associated with King Abdul-Aziz University located in my homeland. While I was at King Abdul-Aziz University, I obtained an undergraduate level degree which helped me in acquiring the knowledge required to be a part of the field of medicine. I have already developed my English language skills that are highly desirable to compete in a university such as Queen’s University. Secondly, I have even improved by communication skills through my previous jobs, which includes: coordinator Human Resource Department and I have even operated as a customer service representative. My previous jobs even helped me in developing skills required for solving problems and other technical skills such as typing skills. What makes me the best candidate to be studying with the Queen’s University is that throughout my life, especially after moving to Canada, I have experienced immense challenges and have faced these challenges by overcoming all the fears and obstacles. I am well aware of the fact that Queen’s University is the best in the business and has provided the world of healthcare with great professionals. I believe that by being a part of the Queen’s University, I can even develop skills related to the field of medicine.
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Level Program of Health Promotion Offered in the Queens University Personal Statement.
“Level Program of Health Promotion Offered in the Queens University Personal Statement”, n.d.
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