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The Genetics of autism, a complex human disease - Dissertation Example

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Center of discussion in this present paper is autism that is an intricate performance defined, stationary condition of undeveloped brain, which is emerging as a subject of great concern due to augmentation in number of cases with time. …
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The Genetics of autism, a complex human disease
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"The Genetics of autism, a complex human disease"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that autism is not a disease condition but it displays genetic and non-genetic basis. Autism encompasses a wide range of developmental disorders and therefore it is considered as the autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) regarded as an extensive variety of behavioural provinces involving- lack of social interaction by the child; inappropriate language and communication skills; diminished activities. Research studies carried out for the past 5 decades now establish the fact that autism is the result of multiple interaction of genetic factors. Considering the epidemiology of autism, various environmental factors encompassing exposure to toxic chemicals such as teratogens which are responsible for causing developmental abnormalities, perinatal abuse, infections during prenatal phase involving rubella and cytomegalovirus, epilepsy are the most probable reasons that is known to be responsible for causing autism. Studies also reveal the association of autism with frequency ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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