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Elizabeth: 83 Years of Age and Still Going Strong - Essay Example

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This paper "Elizabeth: 83 Years of Age and Still Going Strong" discusses Elizabeth Brown who was born in 1925 during a time period where women were just beginning to have the same rights as men. The interview subject was born in Norfolk, Virginia and came from parents who were financially secure…
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Elizabeth: 83 Years of Age and Still Going Strong
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Extract of sample "Elizabeth: 83 Years of Age and Still Going Strong"

Download file to see previous pages This was very unusual for the time period and it stirred up a great deal of controversy in the local community back in the 1930s. Her mother married a wealthier man and moved into a Chicago luxury apartment. In 1946, her mother was killed in a car accident on a roadway in Illinois.

Elizabeth, in 1943, was being pressured to work by her father because she did not desire to go to college. At age 18, she believed that college did not teach the important lessons or let people witness true lifestyle and culture. Essentially, college just was not for Elizabeth. Elizabeth took a job as a bookkeeper at her father’s general store where she worked until she was married in 1950. Elizabeth met Charles, her first husband, in 1947 after the war had finally ended. Charles was a short man, only 5 ½ feet tall, who had gone bald prematurely. Elizabeth always thought he was a “funny-looking man” but she loved him more than any other person she had ever met in her lifetime (Personal Interview).
Charles was also in the upper-middle-class and provided Elizabeth with a wonderful life on the East Coast, however, Charles was infertile and could not provide her with children. Elizabeth said that she never regretted not having children because instead of having to maintain a household and ensure the well-being of children she was free to take trips to other countries and explore her personal and social needs.

Elizabeth was asked about some of the most memorable moments in her childhood or her adult life. She chose to discuss two specific situations: One involved her life in the 1960s and her own personal experience with terrorism in 1976. Most of her life, Elizabeth admits that she was very much for segregation because she grew up in social ignorance and had become accustomed to different drinking fountains and bathrooms for people who were of different ethnicity. In 1964, however, Elizabeth had a life-changing experience that radically changed her viewpoint on segregation which changed her entire social lifestyle for the rest of her life.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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