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The author of the following essay claims that the entire natural world around us amply testifies to the fact that it is not only the little things in life that matter the most. It is the little things in life which if taken care of could lead to achievements of fabulous proportions. …
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It is the Little Things in Life that Matter the Most
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Extract of sample "It is the Little Things in Life that Matter the Most"

of the English of the Concerned 17 January It is the Little Things in Life that Matter the Most The entire naturalworld around us amply testifies to the fact that it is not only the little things in life that matter the most, but in fact nature tends to work in small increments and steps. It is the little things in life which if taken care of could lead to achievements of fabulous proportions.
This brings to mind a quote by Mother Teresa that is, “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” Mother Teresa’s very life was a testament to the fact that even a single person could bring much peace and happiness to this world, provided one is willing to work and focus on small things. Mother Teresa was an ethnic Albanian, Catholic nun who arrived in India in 1931. Seeing all the poverty, pain and disease around her, she really doubted whether she will be able to make a difference in the life of the suffering humanity that surrounded her. She had no funds at her disposal and no material means to support her plans. To get over this problem, this brave Catholic nun devised a strategy. She decided to focus on the immediate person suffering before her, without getting disheartened by the big picture comprising of millions of suffering people. Hence, her mission which started with serving a single old man dying of leprosy in a gutter, gradually evolved into a big charity and this Catholic nun was able to bring happiness and peace to the life of millions of people. Especially in India, people harbor such respect for Mother Teresa that they fondly remember her as the Saint of the Gutters.
The life of Mother Teresa not only teaches the value of being sincere and dedicated in the accomplishment of small things, but also stands as a beacon that warns the people who want to bring about a change in the world, to never get frustrated by admitting that they are too small to serve any pragmatic purpose. Most of the worthy endeavors mostly begin with a small act or gesture of kindness, courage or compassion. Nature has its own unique way of supporting the efforts of good people who intend to achieve a big goal by starting with small things. The overall impact of these small things when accumulated over time gives way to a surge of change that is too strong and too big to be restrained by obstacles, scarcities and resistance. It is quite possible that one would never have had a Mother Teresa in this world, if a frail Catholic nun in Calcutta would have got dismayed by the big size of suffering around her and would have given up on the very first old man that needed her help and love.
So, life is really about small things and it is through small steps and gestures that providence tends to unravel its big plans and intentions. Read More
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