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Things One Can`t Live without - Essay Example

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The author of the paper states that he has come to realize that it is not the material things and accomplishments that keep him going. Three things the author has learned he could never live without are the true love of his family and friends, his dignity, and the fond memories of lost loved ones…
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Things One Can`t Live without
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Extract of sample "Things One Can`t Live without"

Download file to see previous pages Walking out through the front door of my house every morning, I notice there’s one thing that I never have to check my pockets for to make sure I did not leave it behind – the love of my closest family and friends. No matter where I go, it is with me and can never be taken away. The indispensable love of my mother, Rebecca, is foremost in my heart. She has taught me how to love, how to endure, and how to selflessly care for others. Having born me when she was 15 and raising me without a husband, my mom never had it easy. She could have given up many times and let the gravity of her situation make her bitter and resentful, but she made the choice to love and persevere through the hard times. I often marveled at how she kept things together and loved me unconditionally despite all the heartache and trauma I dragged her through at times. The love of my grandparents is another treasure in my heart that strengthens me each day. My grandfather was a great man and like a dad to me, as I hardly even know my real father. And it was my grandmother who taught me how to be strong. She was very firm and laid down the strict rules, as opposed to my grandfather, who was really a pushover. If I was not home by the time the streetlights turned on, I knew my grandmother was going to give me a very hard time. Also, a few of my friends who stuck with me through thick and thin showed me that love is not about what you can get out of someone but about what you can give. This tough but unconditional love that friends and family showed me through the years is by far my most cherished asset – one which I could never do without.
The second thing I could never live without is my dignity. If I were to give up my principles and what I stand for, I would be one shallow and misguided individual. I pride myself in being an honest person who tells and stands for the truth even when it hurts. Because of the example of my mom, I have become a genuinely caring person who invests time and energy in others without expecting reciprocation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Things One Can`t Live Without Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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