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The Piazza of San Marco - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes The Piazza of San Marco. The Piazza of San Marco is considered to be the heart of Venice and a beloved place both for tourists and residents. This square is only the main city’s square and the brightest attraction, but also a social, religious and political center of Venice…
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The Piazza of San Marco
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Extract of sample "The Piazza of San Marco"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The Piazza of San Marco" explores The Piazza of San Marco, the heart of Venice. This is where the famous Grand Canal, the largest canal in Venice takes its beginning from and where the most popular sights are located. The square is very old and has its roots as far back as in the ninth century. It was created then as a small space in front of the Saint Mark’s Basilica, and later, in 1777, it was extended and preserved its size up to nowadays. As we are to compare the condition of the Piazza in the Renaissance (approximately in the year 1500) and nowadays we should mark that, according to the information above, the square remained in its original size at the time of making the map of Jacobo de Barbari and the painting by Gentile Bellini. Nevertheless, i should be mentioned that in the painting of another artist, Giovanni Antonio Canal, square has the same look as in the modern times. To add more, it is notable that the square isn’t actually a square, it is a trapezoid (Imboden).Regarding the general composition, the location of the buildings haven’t changed over centuries, but the details have. The architectural dominant of the Piazza is the Doge’s Palace, a building that used to serve as a residence for Venetian Doges. The palace is built in Italian gothic style. The first building appeared at that place back in the ninth century and looked as a fortress. In 976 this building was burned as a result of the rebellion, and later rebuilt in 1106. The major part of the modern palace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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