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CW1 Rooms division systems - Essay Example

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The following paper “CW1 Rooms division systems” shows how a particular hotel could be designed in order to satisfy the discriminating and choosy tastes of the hotel guests. The hotel guests will surely be pampered with the following hotel room designs with the use of the colour and other factors…
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CW1 Rooms division systems
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Download file to see previous pages        Deadline & schedule. The twenty rooms will be constructed between November 1 to 30 2006 in order to open to the coming December clients and seminar(Hardill, 33) participants. The planning which includes the design, specifications and contracts will be ready by the end of October 10, 2006.        Planning. The design, specifications(Croak, 51) and contracts will be ready by the end of  June in order to give time for the construction team to acquaint itself with the room construction technicalities.       Budget. Since only local room construction materials will be used, except the room door which will be imported from another country, and only expert construction crews will be hired, the cost of construction will be budget conscious. The budget will funded by  loans with the bank and investments from prospective shareholders in the stock market. The budget will easily be recovered within five years’ time based on a well researched project feasibility study.  .   The hotel staff will hire an outside building contractor to renovate(Hands et al, 33)  all the rooms of the company. The company will save more money because there will lesser  raw materials wastes when skilled carpenters and their co –workers  work together because as the famous saying   goes, united we stand, divided we fall.        Segmentation. The clients will be concentrated on the couples, their family which includes their children and seminar participants. The entire room can easily be converted to a seminar room that has a capacity to seat around one hundred fifty persons.      ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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