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The shift from the Renaissance to Baroque - Essay Example

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The essay discusses "the shift from the Renaissance to Baroque", acknowledging origins, reasons, national inflections and manifestations. The term translates into rebirth in several European languages thereby implying that the period featured some radical changes…
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The shift from the Renaissance to Baroque
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"The shift from the Renaissance to Baroque"

Download file to see previous pages The Renaissance contributed to the development of several aspects of the societies among which was arts and architecture. Several prominent artists and architectures lived during this period and developed unique structures marking the cultural shift and the use of knowledge. Such prominent artists included Fillipo Brunelleschi and Leonardo Da Vinci all of who designed numerous unique structures. In architecture, the period introduced the use of metal in the design and development of houses. Metal reinforced structures thereby assuring them of improved security, however, it required unique and precise insertion into the houses thereby ensuring that the structured supported the weight. The successful design of houses during the time with steel resulted in stronger and taller houses that could survive longer than the previously existing dome structures. The changes corroborate the claims that architecture just as with every other aspect of human lives has shifted greatly to portray the changes in life. Because of the technological revolutions and revamped education systems, humans have continuously discovered knowledge thereby expanding their innovations. The architectural sector has exhibited the change too with some significant changes to the structural designs of the houses and the composite material used in the construction of houses changing with time. Among the significant changes in architecture was the progressive shift from the Renaissance to the Baroque two different historical times.

The two historical times marked different architectural design, the Renaissance period marked the inception of knowledge, thereby leading to the baroque period. The architectural designs and features of the two historical periods differed greatly to portray the difference in several aspects of life in the two periods. Architecture relied on the other aspects of life including culture, the existing knowledge in the distinct periods and the economic developments. The difference in the types of architectural designs in the two historical periods is best discussed with respect to the existing architects of the time, the artists and designers developed architectural designs that best portrayed their specific times. The designs represented the change in the knowledge base and the cultural features of life in the two successive periods. The period runs into each other but exhibit radical change in the overall design and building methods in accordance to the prevailing factors as explained below. Andrea Palladio is the most influential figures in the development of modern day architecture dating back to the Renaissance period. Following his extensive practice in the discipline, he developed a unique style in architecture named after him, the Palladian. The style was influenced by the existing Roman and Greek style of architecture but had conspicuous differences from the existing designs. He developed a number if villas and churches some of which stand to this day, among those included the facade of palazzo Chiericati and Villa Foscari La Malcontenta. The uniqueness of the design arose from the fact that he used simpler and common materials but with them developed stronger and more stable structure, which embodied beauty of the existing cultures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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