Baroque of Versailles and Italian baroque - Essay Example

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The essay "Baroque of Versailles and Italian baroque" explores how and why the baroque of Versailled differ from Italian baroque. Art and architecture for the Baroque period were simple and were very clear about the point being brought out in the designs…
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Baroque of Versailles and Italian baroque
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"Baroque of Versailles and Italian baroque"

Download file to see previous pages For the Italians, this involved a number of very unique style buildings. One of the first to use this style was Carlo Manderno, whose famous designs include the Santa Susanna (1) and the Santa Maria della Vittoria. One of the finest examples of his work is in the design of the Santa Susanna. The building is just two stories tall. The lower part has a total of five tiers and the upper level has only three. The construction of all the elements are so designed so that everything points to the middle of the structure, pointing to a loggia - a simple gallery open to the air. Funny enough, he used the old Renaissance style inside the building. You can tell the difference when you cross the street into the Santa Maria della Vittoria (2), where construction was also completed by Carlo Manderno. The interior of the building reveals the expanse of the building, with three chapels separated only by arches and pillars. The style is clearly simple, very strait forward, and also a very enormous way of getting a point across. For example, inside is a statue depicting something from the Saint Teresa of Avila (3). The scene portrayed is of a dream she had about an angel peircing her heart with a long shaft, and filling herself with both joy and pain. She is said to be in a contorted posture and the flowing robes, very voluptous looks between -- it was the essense of the Barouque style for the Italians. The statue is larger than life, and purposefully done so. It isn't a complicated piece, just very big, very to the point. Hence the Roman Catholic Church's vision is realizes in such art and architecture -- art that should be very easy for the public to understand the meaning, and so big that it will be unforgettable and symbolizing religious themes. ( Wittkower, R. 1999)
French Baroque, often called Classicism, was similar in style to the Italians as to the simplicity and more importantly, the idea that size does matter, and that grandness was to mean you had great power. (Wikipedia Website. 2007) Not all the styles transferred from Italy to France, as the openness and very frank displays of the art was not always in French taste. While the French had no problem getting on with the grandness of their architecture, they had a problem with the bluntness, and preferred slightly subdued style. There were also differences in the architectural structure, given that the French preferred mansard roofs and complex rooflines.
During the reign of Louis XIV, new construction was happening to the Louvre. He invited a designer to look into completing the project, but rejected his two design ideas. Because of his focus on Versailles at the time, the Louvre construction was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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