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Literature Review on Domestic Abuse From 5 different articles from Columbia College - Dissertation Example

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Literature Review on Domestic Abuse Abstract Domestic abuse has emerged as a vital social concern throughout the world which affects people from different culture as well as society. For instance, women, irrespective of their age group have been the victims of domestic abuse or violence…
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Literature Review on Domestic Abuse From 5 different articles from Columbia College
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Download file to see previous pages It has often been observed to lead towards permanent physical damages as well as disability of the victims. Children are also classified to be affected due to domestic violence acts which certainly influence their growth as well as social development in a healthy and prosperous way. Article 1 Annotated Bibliography Reference Citation Certain, H. E., Mueller, M., Jagodzinski, T., & Fleming, M. (2008). Domestic Abuse During the Previous Year in a Sample of Postpartum Women. JOGNN 37(1), pp. 35-41. What is the article about? The article relates to domestic abuse of postpartum women. Information about sample and population The sample size considered for the research in this article concentrated on one 1,519 women who were visiting for a postpartum appointment in clinics located in rural, urban as well as suburban locations. Stating precisely, women who were18 years of age and older, being seen for a postpartum visit at 35 obstetric and gynecologic clinics located in 15 Wisconsin counties of United States, were the participants of this study. . Article summary The article is related to the domestic abuse witnessed by postpartum women. The women who visited the clinic were examined through a routine screen to find out whether they have faced any emotional or physical abuse. Why was the research performed? The research was performed to identify the frequency of women being victimized to domestic abuse or violence within the research area. The study also intended to reveal the consequences led by the outcomes of domestic abuse like mental illness, physical damages as well as disability. Findings Following a cross-sectional survey, the study reveals that 112 women were suffering of domestic abuse which provided an alarming ratio of 1 in every 14 women as the victim. It was further revealed that domestic abuse results in poorer health as well as depression amid women. Strengths The article helps in understanding the consequences as well as identifies the elements linked up with domestic abuse. Weaknesses The findings of the article were observed to lack in terms of consistency as well as there was no typical profile of abused women during pregnancy. Implications for Practice The implications of the findings obtained in the study suggest that policies need to be formulated for better identification of domestic abuse. Literature Review According to Certain, Mueller, Jagodzinski and Fleming (2008), 112 women were reported to be a victim of abuse out of the total respondents, i.e. 1,519 women who required postpartum treatments. The study also revealed that abuse of women can result to chronic poor physical health issues, chronic mental illness as well as preterm labor along with low birth weight infants. The clinics providing prenatal as well as postpartum care are thus required to be aware as well as take special care of victims suffering from domestic violence. Postpartum depression has been considered with great significant in this article. The findings of this study further suggest that depressions as well as mental stresses are also associated with domestic abuse, which further increases the severity of such conducts. The interconnection among domestic abuse as well as postpartum depression is less recognized. However, in few studies which were conducted found out the relation among the postpartum depression as well as domestic abuse. Hispanic ethnicity was considered to be associated with domestic abuse in this study. For instance, the study reveal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literature Review on Domestic Abuse From 5 Different Articles from Dissertation.
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