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Domestic Violence and the Effect on Children Instructor Date Introduction Domestic violence can be defined as the continued physical abuse and assault of one partner by the other within an intimate relationship. The relationship may be marriage, cohabitation, by blood in the case of family, or dating…
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Domestic Violence and the Effect on Children
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Download file to see previous pages Also its effect on children later in life and on families will be examined. Discussion Domestic abuse and violence can be in many forms. The most common means of physical abuse and aggression in domestic violence are kicking, punching with the fists, slaps, shoving, restraining, strangling and biting. Objects are also used as weapons and they might include rolling pins, belts, whips, cooking utensils, cutlery, hot water, and hard objects. In extreme cases knives and controlled weapons such as guns have been used. Rape and sexual abuse are also forms of domestic violence especially where the victims are children. Passive forms of domestic violence may also be exhibited. They include excessive controlling and domineering commands, threats, intimidation, dehumanizing insults, stalking, neglect and deprivation of both fundamental and social economic needs (Sipe & Hall, 2000). For instance locking out a family member or spouse outside their residence or denying them a meal, medical attention. Researchers have identified that there is only one sole reason or purpose of domestic violence and abuse. This is the acquisition and maintenance of total and unrestricted control over an individual. Smith & Segal (2012) state that, “Abusers use the elements of fear, need, guilt, intimidation and even shame to wear the victim down both physically and psychologically. The victim gradually weakens losing considerable body strength, morale and capacity to think freely.” Deterioration of one’s health is also a characteristic of subjection to domestic abuse. The perpetrator’s influence and control on the other hand gradually increases asserting his or her dominion over the victim. Domestic violence may be directed towards the victim directly where the acts of abuse are inflicted on the victim, or indirectly where the acts of abuse are inflicted on the victim’s close relation forcing the victim to yield. One such example of indirect domestic abuse is assault on a woman’s children or sister. An interesting fact about domestic violence is that it does not discriminate. Same sex couples are at a similar risk and probability of domestic violence and abuse as are heterosexual couples. Abuse and violence are also not specific on the age groups affected, ethnicities, race, economic capacity and social standing. Furthermore, though women are the most susceptible and physically weaker than males, cases of male victims have been recorded and at significant frequency (Sipe & Hall, 2000). As stated, domestic violence and abuse are both physical and psychological. Smith & Segal (2012) assert that, “Domestic violence has been recorded to cause trauma in its victims of which children are highly susceptible. The mental and psychological health of children is compromised by violent and abusive encounters the children have within the domestic setting.” Researchers have carried out investigations to assert the emotional, cognitive and behavioral changes that result from this form of violence on children. Traumatic stress has been cited as a consequence of encounters that are negatively extreme, life threatening, uncomfortable and demeaning to the person. The occurrence of these events is unpredicted and children have little or no control over their occurrence overwhelming the child’s sense of security. Psychoanalysts have classified traumatic events in two classes; type 1 where the event is singular and short term, and type 2 where the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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