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High tech building design - Essay Example

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The study looks at the history of high tech design and known examples of buildings constructed with this technology, materials used and how these materials have been applied in the entire process starting with representation and function, structures and services, space and flexibility in the buildings. …
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High tech building design
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that hi-tech building design refers to architectural designs and services that involve the use of advanced technology thereby improving the functionality of the final product. In simple terms, it is a particular style of building. In industries, it involves the use of machines to attain quality products. These machines use modern technology like computers, electronics and robots to help companies achieve their goal. Hi-tech building design has risen from modern architecture, incorporating elements of the latest technology in building designs. These include; prominent show of building techniques and functional components, decent alignment and use of sophisticated materials such as metals, glass and futuristic shapes. In the past, building industry has applied technologies that made building designs complicated, these made it difficult for man to design buildings of their needs. Heat regulation systems in these houses were very poor since the ventilations provided were insufficient and could not effectively control internal temperatures. With regards to hi-tech designs, several equipments have been invented to effectively solve the problem of heat in buildings and have also helped solve issues of human thermal complaints both at homes and in offices. Thermal complaint had been declared a major drawback to economic development. People claimed that it was because of thermal problem that they did not perform well in their endeavors and this called for a pragmatic approach towards this nuisance. Fans have been installed in buildings to regulate heat in regions where there have been a lot of heat; heaters have also been installed in the buildings which experienced a lot of cold like the Polar Regions. These products of hi-tech design have rendered redundant, thermal disruptions which are now considered a thing of the past. Representation and function Architects rely entirely on this technology for production of feasible structures. It is also applied in industries, transport, flight, communication and space travel. It aims at eliminating burdensome materials such as; bricks, concrete blocks used in the construction industry and introduce steel which increases the life span of the structures. Glass, which is responsible for the aesthetic aspects, is also embraced by this technology. The introduction of steel and glass was meant to enhance the function of the final product in order to catch up with the technologies of other sectors, which keep on improving each day depending on the core materials used for production in those sectors. Buildings have always lagged behind since the materials used in productions are inflexible and not easily changeable. For instance, concrete has proven to be the most suitable material used in construction, even though it withstands compression, it fears tension and must therefore be reinforced using steel. Originally, hi tech technology was termed as malicious, ill motive intended to dislodge employees from their duties. With time though, its good intentions have conspicuously come to light and has quickly been embraced the world over. It has played a major role in employing double the number that was initially engaged in these particular sectors of the economy. Moreover in the building industry, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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