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Archaeologically-Retrieved Human Skeletons - Case Study Example

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The author of the following paper under the title 'Archaeologically-Retrieved Human Skeletons' presents very ancient people who lived in their daily activities and lifestyles because of a general lack of any kind of written or oral history regarding these people…
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Archaeologically-Retrieved Human Skeletons
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Extract of sample "Archaeologically-Retrieved Human Skeletons"

Download file to see previous pages A greater clue as to the daily activities, social structures and other lifestyle features of earlier populations can be found within the bones of the people themselves. By studying archaeologically-retrieved human skeletons, much can be determined about the common activities of the people under investigation.

Human remains can inform today’s world about pre-recorded human civilizations regarding such issues as how people lived and how they died, whether they were peaceful, stationary and lived in large groups or if they were warlike, mobile and lived in small units or some combination of the above. The field of osteology is dedicated to determining just what the skeletal record reveals about the ancient world by learning to interpret several factors such as gender and age of the individual at the time of death, their size as compared to today’s human frames, development, possible signs of disease, lifestyle clues based on dental analysis and finally cause of death based on any bones that are found. The prevalence of bones in a given area can suggest a more stationary lifestyle or community, a ceremonial burial site or a massive scene of death, such as a pestilence that destroys in relatively short order. The identification of these elements of the skeletal record is particularly difficult because most ancient bones are not found as part of a complete skeleton. Instead, bones are most often found in various states of decay and dismemberment, singly or in groups mixed up with other remains (“Human Remains”, 2006).

The condition in which bones and teeth are found can sometimes provide valuable clues as to the types of food the individual ate and how balanced the nutritional content of his or her diet might have been, sometimes confirming evidence in the vicinity, such as ceremonial burial jars containing similar types of foods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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