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Interpreting archaeological data from Paleoindian to Archaic sites - Assignment Example

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In site A, there were activities such as gathering and stone tool production as evidenced by the carbonized seeds and the stone tools that had projectile points. In addition, there were also bone tool productions as they are evident in the presence of mutate, manos, and bone…
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Interpreting archaeological data from Paleoindian to Archaic sites
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"Interpreting archaeological data from Paleoindian to Archaic sites"

Download file to see previous pages The evidences for such activities include animal skeletons especially the extinct ones, bone tools, and stone tools. In addition, there are traces of marmot bones and ground squirrel bones amongst others. Therefore, these are evidences that link the community in question to the aforementioned activities.
Yes, the range of activities tells us something about how long people lived at the site. For instance, the fact that the community ate deer and other extinct animals is a clear indication on how long they lived in this particular environment. Besides, the length of their stay could be deduced from the kind of tools they used and the bones obtained. There is the mention of the carbonized seeds and gathered plants and how they stayed to the next available summer or fall, which may give a rough idea that the people in question stayed therefore during that period after which they left for other places where the plants were found.
There is very little difference between the two sites. One conspicuous evidence is the fact that whereas the community that lived in site A were hunters and gatherers, the community that live in site B were only hunters since there are no evidences pointing towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interpreting Archaeological Data from Paleoindian to Archaic Sites Assignment.
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