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Temple of Doom - Essay Example

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The vast range of the Amazon rainforests housed tribes that lived in harmony in nature, some of which developed large civilizations that left archaeological evidences of their existence. These archaeological sites later became overgrown by plants and vegetation due to the…
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Temple of Doom
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Download file to see previous pages and only growing only as much crops as necessary to feed the people, the surrounding vegetation was preserved and even maintained even when constantly growing crops (Thomas and Kelly 186). Following the collapse of the large civilizations into smaller tribes or groups as the result of people leaving and forming smaller communities, because these people were able to live and cultivate land without affecting the surrounding natural vegetation and untouched forests, it became possible for these tribes to produce food enough to feed the communities while keeping the rainforests intact.
Wars or uprisings within the Amazon civilizations often happen as the result of powerful influences of persons of authority such as priests or members of royalty. What makes these people influential is because of their strong ties to the supernatural, wherein priests or religious shamans invoke the power of spirits to cast boon or bane, while members of the royal family claim to be descendants of the gods (Thomas and Kelly 35). Due to such claims cults or large groups of followers affect political or economic influence by making people believe that they are in the winning or the upright side, and making them act in accordance to the wishes of the cult leaders. This was also shown in the story of the Temple of Doom, when the Thuggee cult members were persuaded by the high priest to perform human sacrifices and use children to dig mines in finding rocks that can help them conquer the world (“Temple of Doom”). The strong influence of the divine and the belief in the supernatural helps convince cult followers to blindly follow what the leaders ask, even going to wars solely to serve their “divine leaders”. It also affects how people see their leaders, wherein those who have strong claims of supernatural or divine descent were given more special treatment over those who do not have these claims, in which those that have supernatural or divine claims can influence more people than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Temple of Doom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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