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Roles of Heinrich Schliemann in Trojan War and Modern Archaeology - Essay Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Roles of Heinrich Schliemann in Trojan War and Modern Archaeology Heinrich Schliemann was a German who intriguing taste for business and a huge passion for classical archeology. As mentioned in the works of Homer, Heinrich was an important excavator of the Mycenae, Tiryns, and Troy in the sites of Mycenae…
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Roles of Heinrich Schliemann in Trojan War and Modern Archaeology
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"Roles of Heinrich Schliemann in Trojan War and Modern Archaeology"

Download file to see previous pages However, due to his determination and enthusiasm, he made many significant discoveries. Heinrich never attended university, but was a self-made person whose believe in historical reality of the myths about the Trojan War transformed the nature of his believes. Having harnessed huge amounts of wealth from gold rush in California as well dining with the president, this great man travelled the world a lot. His conversance with thirteen good languages acted as an added advantage in his work. With this zeal and passion for archeology, Heinrich presented a fictional place called the Trojan empire, which remained fictional until he discovered it. His work provided a base of archeology since he wrote and left documentaries. Upon reading Iliad and Odyssey both written by Homer, Heinrich with the help of these readings, found the ruins of Troy. This paper will seek to establish and discuss his roles in the Trojan War in conjunction with the modern archeology (Nickel 56). Backgrounds that brought Schliemann to antiquity The steps of Ulysses Studies document that, Heinrich’s retirement date ranges between 1858 and 1863. This period is significant according to this paper since he handed tools down in order to concentrate in his wish for finding Troy. In the midst of 1860s, Heinrich enrolled at the Sorbonne and focused on faculty of Antiquity and Oriental Language in Paris in order to further his knowledge. His archaeological part of life commences in Small Island in the Ionian Sea called Ithaca where this was of capital importance in Homeric myth. Many writers put down this place believing that it was Ulysses’ dwelling location prior and after Heinrich’s Trojan adventures (Wood 75). In spite of the idea that the existing landscape holds no record of how Homer described this place, Heinrich’s claims show that he found some significant sites from the Odyssey in this location. His retirement acted as part of the backgrounds that brought Heinrich to antiquity. Hisarlik Since he seemed a different man who could not settle for calmness and enjoyment and live an eventless life, Heinrich disserted retirement and the short-lived Ithaca satisfaction and intensified his search for more archeological discoveries. At this point, he joined forces with Frank Calvert who had prior excavations from the Hissarlik site. Having seen Charles McLaren’s identity of 1822, Heinrich became sure that this was the Troy’s former location. Backing his claim are tourists Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great who already expressed belief that this place was the Trojan’s War site (Wood 101). This is because, besides being located alongside both of the Dardanelles and Aegean Sea, this place depicted close resemblance to the description given by Homer. His cognitive deposition with finding Troy was also part of the type of background that led to his antiquity. The Priam’s treasure After they fell out, Heinrich’s counterpart Calvert argued that, the former’s claim regarding discovering Troy could be just mere hopes and imagination as opposed to either scientific or historical facts. However, filled with suspense Heinrich disregarded such arguments and continued to dig and take every single discovery or finding as proof that he actually did excavate Paris city. For example, when he discovered some precious artifacts including a stack of gold in May 1873, he alleged that it was the treasure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Roles of Heinrich Schliemann in Trojan War and Modern Archaeology Essay)
Roles of Heinrich Schliemann in Trojan War and Modern Archaeology Essay. https://studentshare.org/archaeology/1449595-roles-of-heinrich-schliemann-in-trujan-war-and.
“Roles of Heinrich Schliemann in Trojan War and Modern Archaeology Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/archaeology/1449595-roles-of-heinrich-schliemann-in-trujan-war-and.
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