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Archeology - Essay Example

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In the simplest provisions, archeology is a body of knowledge, a science that deals and aims to study the human culture through the discovery and documentation of material data. However, this rather plain definition of the term as a way of studying human culture through the analysis of documented materials engenders deep arguments as to what really concerns this discipline…
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Download file to see previous pages Archaeology's close connection with history proves to be an important one. Historical accounts are often based on unearthed and discovered materials. Archaeological records are significant devices in history and anthropology (Neustupny, 1993). Thus, archaeology is an important tool in the continuous writing and understanding of man's history. As new evidences are uncovered, history as we know it may change and may evolve into a better and more truthful account of the past. However, the case may be the opposite, as what may happen if biased study or poor analysis of the excavated materials is carried out. In the end, the importance of archaeology in the uncovering of the very history of man cannot be undermined. "Archaeology has progressed," and the reason is that we, or most of us, no longer consider the creation theory of thousands of BC years (Johnson, 1999, p. 172).
Archaeologists carry out important processes that lead to the significant part of their job. Traditional methods may be as what we see in films, and the modern practices have certainly improved. The systematic study of the past (Gamble, 2004) often starts with surveying areas. If significant conclusions are drawn from the initial process, then the excavation plan will proceed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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