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Kawelka: Ongkas big moka - Essay Example

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Ongka being a big man in the tribe of Kawelka decides to arrange for a Moka and this is intended to act as a payback to the neighboring tribe who had hosted it some years back. This…
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Kawelka: Ongkas big moka
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"Kawelka: Ongkas big moka"

Download file to see previous pages articular way of living and in this case, they are horticulturalists practicing farming of vegetables and yam, keeping livestock, and living in hamlets and small villages. Cultural anthropology is also represented by the importance that the people of Kawelka tribe give to pigs. This is because the pigs are used by the tribe to pay for troubles and are also given out in exchange for wives.
Cultural anthropology is also represented by how the people come together in preparation for the coming Moka and for them to be able to attain success in the event. A crisis then arises when one of the members of the neighboring tribe dies and the Moka event is delayed. The mention of sorcery also shows cultural anthropology and this arises when the neighboring tribe starts to think that the men of Kawelka tribe participated in sorcery to kill the man in their tribe. The assumption that culture is based on symbols is also observable through the importance that the people give to pigs. The learning of culture is also observed when Ongka is seen teaching the members of his tribe on the importance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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