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Response to a classmate's post - Assignment Example

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I really loved the way you expressed your ideas in the essay. In fact I was very happy with the way you addressed different issues in the essay. The way you explained the term “race” and its use in different ways is commendable. It made easier to understand why…
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Response to a classmates post
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"Response to a classmate's post"

Download file to see previous pages For me, I felt that the work lacks a clear definition of concepts and proper outlining of facts that bring out the issue of race. Also, you did not include any thesis statements in the essay. You simply explained the various characteristics that the Homo sapiens have such as the color of the skin, shape and the type of hair. Nonetheless, it is commendable how you note how anthropologists find it meaningless to use the term race since the term has been overtaken by events. I think this gives a strong point in the defense of your answer. You also give a clear explanation of the disparities of the different genetic variations such as polytypic and polymorphic variations. It is also good that you mention the emerging trends in the humans, such as mutations of the human race. It would be good if you add a conclusion that summarizes the major thoughts in the essay. Your paragraphing is also wanting. Though the work has strong points, you would have made the work better through a proper organization of thoughts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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