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Social suffering, edited by Arthur kleiman et al. Berkeley: university of California press - Research Paper Example

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Social suffering is something that is caused by our own mistakes and the mistakes leaders do to its people it is important we understand that change starts from us and only we can help in ending social suffering to all the people who are already suffering. It is mostly brought…
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Social suffering, edited by Arthur kleiman et al. Berkeley: university of California press
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"Social suffering, edited by Arthur kleiman et al. Berkeley: university of California press"

Download file to see previous pages This has been caused by the need to try and solve calamities in an amicable way without delay. This article also analyzes that humans can not only suffer individually that there is always a cause of reason why different people suffer and whether spiritually, physically or emotionally it affects the human whole being. There is also need to identify the possible impacts that social suffering has on the environment the people are living in. The challenges of social suffering are more of ignorance and the believe that they have regarding specific issues. It is thus important first to understand that also the solutions are there. This has been brought about by first people should understand more that being whole does mean that emotionally, physically and spiritually connected and one cannot be separated from the rest. It is therefore important that the religion respect the non religious and understand to be selective is to discriminate on ones point of view.
Social suffering is critical and we have to really fist defined it. Once after understanding what it is it is good we try and understand the causes of social suffering. There are external sources of suffering such as floods, earthquakes and war this are more of manmade and stly if properly checked they are caused by activities such as mining. The policy in life suffering affects every aspect of a human body and it is thus important we understand that discipline affects everyone. Thus why sometimes it is important for physiotherapy to take note. Some cases have happened before whereby the society does not really understand that social suffering can also affect the rich in the society and also understand that to be focused people have to learn to forgive and control anger to prevent things like war.
Social suffering does really bring down morale for people and it is best handled in a clear manner ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Social Suffering, Edited by Arthur Kleiman Et Al. Berkeley: University Research Paper)
Social Suffering, Edited by Arthur Kleiman Et Al. Berkeley: University Research Paper.
“Social Suffering, Edited by Arthur Kleiman Et Al. Berkeley: University Research Paper”, n.d.
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