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The University of Southern California - Admission/Application Essay Example

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An essay "The University of Southern California" reports that Charles Meyer Goldstein, a USC faculty member, and dentist was the person who can be given the credit of this community service and be organizing the free dental clinics for treating the needy people…
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The University of Southern California
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Extract of sample "The University of Southern California"

The University of Southern California
The University of Southern California which is commonly known as the USC, every year arrange mobile clinic to help the needy people with free dental care. The mobile clinic program of the university came into existence in 1968 when it set up its first mobile clinics in the gymnasium and recreation centers of the high schools in the southern and central California to serve the migrant farm workers. Charles Meyer Goldstein, a USC faculty member and dentist was the person who can be given the credit of this community service and organizing the free dental clinics for treating the needy people.
Mr. Goldstein mainly focused on serving the poor children rather than covering the entire population but still the program is trying to cover as much of the population as possible. Initially, the program was depended on the student volunteer but nowadays general public also contributing well enough. The tradition established by Mr. Goldstein helped both student and patients as students get to know hands-on-learning whereas patients get free dental care. More than 80000 children have served by the mobile clinics of the USC. Every year, in the rural and urban areas of southern and central California more than a dozen mobile clinics are geld for week long duration. These clinics are equipped with modern, portable dental equipments and sterilization van. Since 1994, it has become necessary for all the dental and doctoral students to attend the mobile clinic program (Ostrow School of Dentristry of USC 2010).
While attending this program as a dental student, I met a lady who is suffering from severe dental problems one which required the works of several specialists and would cost lots of money. I arranged for the patient's treatment to be completed at my work place, the patient received all the support that she needed at no cost. It became possible because of the mobile clinics arranged by the USC for needy people. Dentists in the mobile clinics are provided with the tools which assist them in serving the poor properly. Mr. Goldstein designed all the equipments, dental chair and dental tools which can be easily transported to site of mobile clinic.
In these mobile clinics, dentists not only provide treatment but also provide as much knowledge as possible regarding dental care. This knowledge helps people to properly take care of their teeth. Furthermore, these programs are mainly focusing on local low income families whose children are suffering from serious dental problems. Moreover, these clinics are set up in local elementary schools for evaluating children’s dental health through sealants, cleanings, X-rays and a plan of treatment. In addition to this, children are also allowed to return to the Camps as many times as needed to complete the treatment. These camps are supervised by the licensed general dentists and paediatrics (Miller 2010.). The fleet of converted RVs is completely furnished with dental equipments so as to provide maximum benefits to the needy people of Southern and Central California.
Miller, T. 2010. USC mobile dental clinic treats 99 area children via Foothill Unity Centre. Available at: . [Accessed on: 4 Dec 2011].
Ostrow School of Dentristry of USC. 2010. The USC mobile clinic. Avialable at: . [Accessed on: 4 Dec 2011]. Read More
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The University of Southern California Admission/Application Essay.
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