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This video depicts a life and death confrontation in the wild involving buffalos, lions, and crocodiles viewed by a group of people on the other side of a river. A herd of buffalo including a baby are spotted by a group of lions who stealthily crouch so that they are unseen…
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You can decide
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EVOLUTION Battle at Kruger
This video depicts a life and death confrontation in the wild involving buffalos, lions, and crocodiles viewed by a group of people on the other side of a river. A herd of buffalo including a baby are spotted by a group of lions who stealthily crouch so that they are unseen until they are near. The lions suddenly go after and catch the small, slow vulnerable baby. This video shows that animals in the wild are largely carnivorous. In other words they prey on more vulnerable usually smaller animals for food. In these circumstances the theory of evolution teaches that only the fittest survive. Therefore over time animals evolve not only physical attributes to be able to catch and devour their prey and avoid being the prey of larger animals, but instinctive behavior patterns as well. In this case the lions take advantage of their similar color to hide in the tall grass. They know they cant conquer the large adult buffalo so they go after the smaller baby who tries unsuccessfully to escape into the river. Two crocodiles seeing a prey of opportunity try to pull the baby into the river but lose out in a tug of war to the more numerous lions. Just as the lions are about to finish off the baby the adults return and with their superior size and horns are able to rescue the still alive baby and fend off the lions. This event shows that while the lions instinctively only successfully attack the baby buffalo, they did not have the foresight to realize the adult buffalo would return to try to rescue their young. Life in the wild for animals is a constant struggle to prey on more vulnerable for food and to avoid being preyed upon themselves. While over time they evolve physical characteristics and instinctive behavior to enhance their survivability, they generally do not develop the intellectual capacity to refrain from a tempting target which could spark effective counterattack. Man has this ability which allows him to evolve to the top of the food chain in spite of potentially more powerful adversaries.
2. Cells Alive
Cells are the building blocks of life. As the Cells Alive website states they divide naturally in a newborn producing new cells with minuscule changes in order that their host species of animal is better equipped to survive in their particular environment. These adaptive changes called mitosis occur slowly over hundreds if not thousands of years . A baby is a combination of the mother’s and father’s genes or cell structures and likely there are also small changes that neither parent has. While most cells have specialized structures and functions such as skin, bones, heart, liver, etc. there are some cells called stem cells that can be thought of like a joker in a pack of playing cards. In other words current medical research shows that they can be converted into cells with specialized functions as required. This creates exciting possibilities for the replacement of damaged vital organs such as heart and liver and skin which has suffered severe burns in a fire or by scalding, etc. However research in this area must be carefully controlled to ensure that socially undesirable species are not created. Read More
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