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Mecca - Essay Example

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Ultimately, Mecca is the city towards which all Muslims are directed to pray during their 5 daily prayers. Moreover, it is believed by Muslims that Mecca, and specifically Ka’ba (the first piece of…
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Download file to see previous pages... As the second most widely practiced religion in the world, hundreds of millions of Muslims have made the hajj to Mecca over the decades and centuries. IN addition to the pilgrimage that has thus far been described, there are many Islamic rituals that are associated with Mecca as well. First among these is the act of circling the Ka’ba seven times and kissing its cornerstone. Further, there is a ritual stoning of the devil that takes place during the pilgrimage as well. Finally, almost each and every Muslim that goes to Mecca drinks from the well of Zamzam; a well believed to have mystical properties. Finally, most pilgrims travel to Arafat; a small hill on which Muhammad is believed to have delivered his final sermon to his followers.
Instead of representing rituals only, Mecca is meant to be a place in which Muslims draw upon their traditions and come to a greater and more profound determination of what sets them apart as a unique religious entity. In much the same way that Christians might travel to the Holy Land or to Rome, Muslims consider their pilgrimage to Mecca as a defining element of their faith (Amur 11). Yet, beyond merely religious significance, Mecca is a place in which Muslim families represent a level of solidarity together. Naturally, there are cases in which single individuals attend Mecca and the Hajj; however, the broad and overarching theme is for entire families to go there together. Although children are welcomed, it is traditionally observed that boys and girls attending their first Hajj should be at least in their early teens; not only so that they will remember it but so that it may have a lasting level of religious symbolism and importance to them.
Further, the orientation of the city itself is very much fixated with the issues that have already been discussed. The entire city is positioned around tourism and the need to accommodate millions of individuals from around the globe and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trading in prophet Mohammed age
Mecca, from where Muhammad was born in 570, was at the center of it all. It must be interesting how people traded given the fact that the city lacks fertile lands wherein agriculture could have been cultivated and driven commerce. Unarguably, caravans are crucial elements of the Arabian trade during the period.
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Summary of an article , Standing alone in mecca, by asra q.nomani
Bearing a journalist soul and inflicted with sheer liberalistic outlook this Muslim woman in her book “Standing Alone: An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam” demystifies the baseless inequity which a Muslim women faces through her own experiences in a country like United States of America as well as in the holy Mecca and Medina.
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Macca and Madina Revelation
Islamic literature reveals that some city shrines such as Mecca, revelations and some months or seasons of the year remain holy. In such holy places and periods, Muslims avoid violence and shedding of blood, ostensibly for religious pilgrimage sake. This paper will investigate the difference between the sacred Mecca city and Medina revelations.
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The New Mecca by George Saunders
Many people around the globe have developed an attitude about the new place they had never gone before. Some of these beliefs are untrue and biased since they are based on rumors and speculations. The culture instilled in the person’s mind makes it hard for someone to learn how a new place may look like and what it entails.
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Holy Mosque of Mecca
Moslems in every corner of the globe face Mecca five times a day to pray. At least once in every Moslems lifetime, they are urged to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca, especially those who are financially capable. The black cube-shaped structure
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Inside Mecca- Assignment
They have rites and rituals that must be adhered to whenever the ceremony is underway. For instance, wearing of jewellery is not allowed during this period. Sexual acts during the duration of the rituals should also not be conducted. One aspect
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Develop a response
Mecca is an important city in Islam. I would like to experience what the Mecca visit has to offer. This is because the Mecca event attracts millions of Muslims each time a date is set for the Islamic pilgrimage. By being part of the Mecca
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The influence of the holy mosque of Mecca within popular culture
The tradition and culture of Muslims visiting Mecca have made the city very popular despite it not allowing non-Muslims inside. Mecca is now the most cosmopolitan and diverse city in the Muslim world. The essay will focus on how the
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The Pilgrimage to Mecca
Mecca is a very significant location for the Muslim faithful as it is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad. The Mosque there with the Ka‘ba is considered to be the holiest place in Islam. For that reason, Mecca is a deeply spiritual place for Muslims from all over the world. There are those who believe that this is the heart of Islam.
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GM Turnover Challenge Analysis
The company is duly committed to ensuring that it meets its core objectives as stipulated in its memorandum of association. The commitment is shown by the corporation intent of hiring only skilled professionals to carry out its objectives. Employees to be hired are taken through rigorous training and programs that further enhance their skills.
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