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Choices in Childbirth : Ideas and Theories in work by Sheila Kitzinger - Essay Example

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In addition, technological advancement has swayed people away from these traditional methods and adopting modern technology. Sheila Kitzinger vividly enlightens…
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Choices in Childbirth : Ideas and Theories in work by Sheila Kitzinger
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Download file to see previous pages She is a strong advocate of traditional mode of childbirth. Through her work, she sheds light on the birth procedures, which embraces technology and calls for a critical reflection of the home child delivery. Use of machines is more prevalent in the United States and Europe. She believes that birth should only be under control of woman and a competent midwife but not through monitoring electronic machines. Kitzinger challenges potential mothers to deliver through a natural model. According to her, it is the safest way to bring life to this earth (Kitzinger, 2006). She examines closely the awful language the obstetrics use to the expectant mothers and thus she provides plausible alternative.
In the book, Birth in Crisis, Kitzinger bravely explores the stories and conditions of mothers who gave birth at home and in the health centers. Women express their satisfaction in the hands of midwives. She contrasts the home birth care with the pathetic situation in hospitals under obstetrics and massive use of machines. Kitzinger (2006) points out that research shows the hospital environment is the source unnecessary trauma and depression for mothers. Though perceived to conduct their duties in a professional way, the General Practitioners fail to give the right medical diagnosis. This compromises the health of a mother and the child. The nasty experience in the health facilities with its post birth panics attacks scares women from successive pregnancies. It interferes with the sacred role of women to procreate and bring about continuity of life.
Kitzinger strongly criticizes the Western culture where parturition is mother and doctor affair. They believe that expectant mothers should be under close observation of an obstetrician. The mother is required to co-operate for birth to occur in a smooth way. Her compliance with doctors’ instruction is crucial to the outcome of childbirth. Kitzinger (2006) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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