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What is applied anthropology and how did it emerge - Essay Example

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The term anthropology in contemporary time can mean the aspect that deals with the description of changes in human relations and in isolation of the principles that control them (Barnett 2009, p54). Ideally, the British were the…
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What is applied anthropology and how did it emerge
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"What is applied anthropology and how did it emerge"

Download file to see previous pages As a consequence of this, the British were able to colonize large regions of the world during the colonial period.
Before World War II began, the British colony had to change its tactics by engaging itself in more positive administrative arrangement that could be catalysts to strategic economic growth of its colonies. Heavy funding and underwriting began to stream towards social science exploration in African. This funding, ideally, was through a couple of mechanism, which included funding from foundation like the Rockefeller foundation and Carnegie Corporation. A portion of these funds permitted the anthropologists to liberate themselves from a prism relationship, including colonial emissaries and subjects. In the early 1940s, the British enacted an act that saw the provision of funds for social science explorations in the protectorates. The reason that social science reached were carried in out in the British colonies, was primarily shed light into the human society of Africa, which was apparently a lot less known. The results that were collected from these pragmatic researches provided anthropologists with crucial information, which they transformed it later into compelling theoretical products (Chambers 2008, p54).
In any case, without this transformation, the whole process would malformed. The researchers ensured that anthropology came out as a science, so that it would get full government support. However, if anthropology emerged as snot a science, there was no way it would have received any government support. This success saw an increase in total number of academic departments. Additionally, as the British ceased their operations in the colonies, applied anthropology began to erode gradually. However, applied anthropology was evidently not developed fully enough theoretically (Escobar 2008, p87).
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