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World Issues and Anthropology - Essay Example

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Anthropology provides an overview of problem solving techniques used by the sociologists in enhancing peace in the societies. Studying and creating awareness…
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World Issues and Anthropology
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"World Issues and Anthropology"

Download file to see previous pages Anthropological study of environment will help me in defining and determining various forces that operate in the environment and the possible ways of handling the individual forces. I value anthropological study of the environment because of its efficiency and accurateness in providing a clear and broad overview on the ways one should interrelate and transform the environment into an attractive place for my stay. In addition, anthropological study of the environment will help in understanding various concepts that dominate different community and be able to structure appropriate techniques of ensuring maximum peaceful coexistence with different individuals.
Understanding environmental issues from the anthropological point of view is equally critical for the world in that it helps in fostering peace and love, which are the basic determination of a healthy world. Anthropological study of the environmental issues assists and enlightens human beings from different societies concerning various business and trading activities and principles that overrule the current world. Anthropological study of the environment enable people to discern and understand the history of politics in different societies, to help in the set up and establishment of an appropriate political system to rule particular communities. In addition, anthropological study of the environment assists people in obtaining historical socio-cultural practices of different community thereby providing a clear link to perceiving the structure of different communities in the current world. Furthermore, anthropological study of the environment enables people opportunities to innovate and renovate vital tools and machines used in the contemporary world by studying the history of creation of certain items.
Havilland argues that human nature is the same and only differs due to environmental changes within their surroundings. Havilland portends that the changes in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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