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Discuss the relationships between ethnic nationalism and the body - Essay Example

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This is to say that it is one of the aspects of life that define societies. As a categorical identity, nationalism plays a big role in shaping everyday life and offering a means for…
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Discuss the relationships between ethnic nationalism and the body
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"Discuss the relationships between ethnic nationalism and the body"

Download file to see previous pages Ethnic nationality and the individual’s identity are closely interrelated. Roginsky (34) points out that nations are comprised of sexed objects, a statement which means that sexuality has an important role to play in the social construction of national as well as gender identities. The author argues that the interrelationship between gender, nationalism and sexuality is amoral code which is beneficial one gender, nation, and sexuality over others. In ethnic nationalities, the leaders are normally men, while women normally are given roles to stay in the background and let men run things.
According to Roginsky, individuals normally contest or construct “their ascribed ethnicity within specific social contexts of power and domination based on class and gender inequalities” (44). When looked at from a gender point of view, this statement means that individuals, both men and women, all have a role to play in the creation of states and their ethnic identities. These roles are shaped by the individuals being citizens or members of a nation, or by being members of a certain ethnic group. Nationalism has been known to function with masculine imperatives (Eisenstein 66). Women have so far had very little chance to play national roles, which have all been left to men. When it comes to ethnic nationalism, it is evident in many communities that men call the shots. Men chart their own paths, but they also play a big role in deciding the roles that should be played by women.
Ethnic nationalism has in many cases led to conflict and sometimes violence that has seen many people loose lives. The main cause of these conflicts is the lack of inclusion of certain groups of people in the region in the general leadership structures. Ethnicity has the negative effect of dividing people and thus making it hard for them to collaborate to achieve a common objective (Sofos 42). Ethnic nationalism has been one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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